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From The Unexpected To Planning Your Meals

So, you finally decided on that kitchen remodel for your Sarasota home! This is such an exciting time, but while you eagerly get ready for your project to start, you’re probably wondering exactly what to expect throughout the remodel.

From timeframes to unexpected events, there’s a lot you need to know about when getting ready for your kitchen remodel. You can use this guide to help you prepare for your upcoming project so that you’ll know exactly what to do in any of these situations.

Expect A Realistic Timeframe

TV glamour makes it all look so simple and fast, but the truth is, you need to set your sights on a more realistic timeframe for your kitchen remodel. At the start of your kitchen remodeling project, your contractor will establish how long your project is expected to take. You will need to plan your living and dining situation accordingly.

Make Dining Plans

Without the use of your kitchen, you will need to make plans for how you will prepare meals. Whether you budget for takeout for the project’s entire duration or you design a makeshift kitchen, you will need to have this set up before the remodel begins. You may have times when you can use part of your kitchen, but your best bet is to have alternative plans.

Consider setting up an area in your home with a microwave, a hotplate, disposable utensils, and disposable dinnerware to make everything much simpler.

Adjust Your Pet’s Feeding Routine

If you have pets that eat in the kitchen, you’ll have to adjust their feeding routine. Move their food bowls to another room where they will be comfortable eating. Ensure you start this at least two weeks before the project starts so that they become adjusted to the changes. You’ll also have to make plans to keep them out of the construction area.

Make Plans To Handle The Dust

Even with the most elaborate preventative measures in place, dust from your kitchen remodel can settle in the far reaches of your home. You can try closing off the construction area with a compression-fit temporary wall or, if your HVAC company gives the OK, close off the vents in the room to prevent air from circulating the dust.

Be Prepared For The Noise

There’s no way around the noise that comes with a kitchen remodel. You need to prepare yourself ahead of time for the inconvenience that will come from the sounds generated by the contractors. Napping probably won’t be an option, and if you work from home, you may need to make alternative plans.

Plan For The Unexpected

Ensure you have a plan for the unexpected because even the best kitchen remodeling contractor won’t be able to foresee every possible snag. You may have old wiring, rigged plumbing, or even asbestos that needs to be dealt with. Unfortunately, many times these are only uncovered after the project is well underway.

With a plan in place for dealing with these unanticipated hitches, your remodeling project will be able to continue smoothly as if it never happened.

Keep The Communication Flowing

To have a successful kitchen remodeling project, you must keep communication flowing smoothly with your contractor. You need to know what is occurring with your project, if there are any delays, and if anything has changed from the original plan.

If you have any concerns, you will also want them addressed as soon as possible. Plan to communicate with your contractor regularly to ensure that you are both on the same page. Communication is key to keeping the stress of a remodel at a minimum.

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