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We know what it’s like for many Sarasota homeowners that need a kitchen remodel. You spend months or even years bumping hips, stretching to reach things, and just generally tripping over yourself and everyone else in your drab old kitchen. You’re tired of it and just want to start over with a whole new design.

Well – so do we.

Welcome to your first step toward your new, roomy, and beautiful custom kitchen. Other kitchen remodeling companies stick to one, maybe two methods for a kitchen remodel – but not us. We will refinish your cabinets, reface your kitchen, or start over from scratch and redesign the whole thing from the ground up.

We’re happy to oblige whichever way you want to go, reface, refinish, or replace.

Kitchen Refinishing

The kitchen refinishing process is about what is visible when you walk into the room. Your cabinet doors and drawer fronts stay, but we transform their appearance and the look of the exposed fronts and sides, too.

We can refresh the look of your kitchen in several ways. Staining, painting, or placing a new veneer on your existing cabinets are the most popular options.

We can also replace the hardware to match your kitchen’s new look.

Refinishing is a fast and cost-effective way to create a new look and feel for your kitchen.

Kitchen Refacing

Kitchen refacing is easier and more thorough than most Sarasota homeowners think. We will replace your cabinet doors and the face of each drawer with a modern and durable material in the style and color of your choice.

Then we’ll reface the visible areas of your cabinet fronts and sides and replace the hinges, handles, and knobs with modern hardware that matches the look you wish to achieve.

We can also include modern storage solutions, soft-close rails and hinges, lazy-susans, and any other improvement you wish to slip into your current cabinets. You can even replace your old countertop with one of the many new options available to homeowners.

When your kitchen refacing is complete, you’ll feel like you’re in someone else’s beautiful, new kitchen.

Kitchen Replacing

The most extensive kitchen remodeling process is a full replacement. Homeowners often want to modernize how their kitchen flows from one station to the next. Some simply want a bigger space, while others want to move their entire kitchen to a different location in their home.

For a full kitchen replacement, anything is possible.

Have you always wished there was a garden window above your sink? We can do that.

Has that wall between the kitchen and dining room always bothered you? Consider it gone.

As a true design-build contractor with an expert team of architects, engineers, and designers, we can take even the most ambitious vision and turn it into a reality.

YOU Are The Most Important Part Of
The Kitchen Remodeling Process

Before we propose any actions, we take the time to learn what you like, what you don’t like, and what you want. And we ask not just what you want, but why you want it.

  • Do you entertain often, or are meals generally a more intimate affair?
  • Is there just one cook in the house, or do you like to cook together?
  • Are there any mobility issues we need to consider?
  • Are you happy with your appliances, or do you want to modernize them?
  • Are you getting ready to sell, or do you plan to stay in your home for years to come?

Our remodeling process is designed to find these answers and help us design the perfect kitchen to fit your lifestyle.

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Every Kitchen Deserves To Be Stunning

Big or small, extensive or cozy, you deserve to have a kitchen you can be proud to show off to your friends. Here are a handful of examples of our past work.

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Planning Your Ultimate Kitchen

Modernizing your kitchen can be a daunting task. Luckily, we’ll be right there with you as we collaborate on the final design. In the meantime, here are a few articles to give you an idea of what you can include in your new kitchen.

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