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Accessible Bathroom Remodeling 
in Sarasota and Bradenton

If you're planning to stay in your home as long as possible, welcoming in an elderly loved one, or have someone in the home who uses a wheelchair, it's time to remodel your bathroom for accessibility. 

What is accessible home design? It's creating a space that anyone in the home can use safely, including those with limited mobility. An accessible bathroom remodel is the best way to ensure every member of your household feels cared for and welcomed. Every aspect of your bathroom can be made safer and more comfortable by changing the layout and replacing finishes and features with accessibility models and designs.


Get Started on Your CAPS Accessible Bathroom Today

If you have questions about universal design features or aging-in-place home modifications, we have answers below! Also, you can always reach out to us so we can guide you through our process.  

Level Entry Shower in ADA Accessible Bathroom Transformation 

Not Sure How to Renovate to Make Your Sarasota Bathroom Accessible?

We Have Everything You Need to Get Started Today! 





Update Your Bathroom Layout

  • widen doorways
  • ensure room for wheelchair access if needed
  • convert a tub to a level entry shower or wet room





Choose Your

  • anti slip floor tile
  • floating vanity with wheelchair clearance
  • lowered countertop height
  • roll in or level entry shower






Update Your Fixtures

  • improved lighting for safety
  • lowered light switches and outlets
  • towel bars that double as grab bars
  • anti-scald plumbing fixtures

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What features will my bathroom need to become accessible?

Think about how moving through a space with a wheelchair or walker could become difficult, unsafe, or simply inaccessible altogether. The features in an accessible bathroom remodel consider these limitations and create solutions. First, the layout will have to offer space for a wheelchair to turn around and leave enough room to access the toilet, sink, and shower. After that, finishes like grab bars, anti-slip tile, an entry-level shower, a built-in shower seat, and accessible plumbing fixtures will all finish out the bathroom remodel to make it a truly universal bathroom. 

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How do I make my bathroom handicap accessible?

Every aging-in-place bathroom remodel is focused on safety and comfort. With this in mind, accessible bathroom designs offer widened doorways, non-slip floors, grab bars throughout, vanities that a wheelchair could approach, and plumbing fixtures positioned so they can be easily reached from the sitting position. Converting a bathroom to be handicap accessible or for aging-in-place is also referred to as "universal design" because it not only makes the bathroom safer for seniors and handicapped household members but for anyone else as well. 

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What are the benefits of aging-in-place remodeling?

There are two leading benefits to creating an ADA bathroom, like adding a curbless shower, widening your doorways for accessibility, and lowering your counter height for wheelchair access. First, you'll have the needed comfort and safety to stay in your home much longer in life. Second, your home will be ready to welcome an older loved one for multi-generational living when the time comes. An added bonus to remodeling for limited mobility these days is that many accessibility features are designed to be stylish and eliminating the design sacrifices homeowners had to make in the past. 

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