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Over the last year there have been a number of home improvement trends designed to make staying at home more entertaining and fun. Because movie theaters were mostly shut down it forced individuals to remain at home in order to consume their entertainment in new and innovative ways. While large televisions are better and cheaper than ever, TVs alone can’t replicate the movie-going experience. You need the sound, comfort, and even the atmosphere
However, with a few tweaks and upgrades, it is possible for you to create the ultimate home theater design. So whether you’re just looking for home theater ideas or you’re ready to begin upgrading right away, here are some designs to consider for your Florida home.

Consider a Home Theater Projector

While you can go to any big box store and purchase a 60+ inch television with amazing color and refresh rates, nothing can compete with that of a high-end projector. There is a reason why movie theaters use projectors and not massive LED screens. The color quality is exceptional, and you’ll usually find blacks and dark colors are better recreated using a top-of-the-line projector. Plus, refresh rate isn’t as much of an issue with a projector as it is with a television, because televisions need to constantly fire off small pixels of light in order to create the image, while a projector will run smoothly. And, of course, with a projector, you will instantly have a larger screen.

Have a lot of space? You can go with a ceiling mounted projector. Or maybe the room is tight where you are considering your home theater design? Throw projectors are perfect for smaller basement theaters (and theaters in any other room). These are projectors placed against a wall and the projector throws the image up onto the wall, so space isn’t an issue at all.

If you’re not the most tech-savvy individual, and you need help figuring out specs and what looks good in any viewing condition (including when the lights are on), we can help you with that.

Home Audio Is a Must

Have you ever watched your favorite movie without the music, without the booming bass? So much of the viewing experience is lost. While visuals take center stage, when the audio is not present so much of the entertainment experience is lost.

Modern televisions are really not made to be used as an audio producing device. These TVs are so small there’s little room for any quality speaker to be installed. Instead, you need to upgrade with a quality audio system.

If you’re going to design specific theater rooms the best way to go is to have the speakers installed into the walls. This way the speakers are out of the way and wires won’t be tripping anyone up (and the pet cat won’t try to eat at the wire). Of course, there are larger speaker systems that might not fit into the wall. That’s okay, as you can still have the wires run through the wall. A smaller home theater will likely be fine with the small, handheld speakers, while a larger basement theater might be able to take the larger, free-standing speakers. A 7.1 surround sound system will give you a fully immersed experience. Oftentimes, it’s not the projector or television that sets a home theater system apart. It’s really all about the audio setup.

Seating Setups

If there’s one thing modern movie theaters have done right, it is the upgraded seating. Any theater built within the last decade now has incredibly comfortable seats that can recline and have foot rests. You can do one better and have higher-end seating for yourself. Whatever kind of seating you like you can have. We like to have recliner sofas that allow you to not only sit on your own and watch it, but if you want someone to sit next to you that is an option as well.

If you have the space, we recommend having at least two rows of seating, with the second row slightly elevated. Having platforms installed may only be viable in a basement, as there’s already a concrete floor that makes it possible to raise areas of the floor slightly. It just ensures everyone can have a great view.

Small Touches

Sometimes it’s the small touches that transform a home theater into something that can compete with a movie theater. Wall and ceiling soundproofing helps keep the sound from disrupting others in the house. And you can even consider track lighting to the seating, so you can get up without interrupting others (and it gives it that nice movie-theater feel).

Enjoy Your Own Home Theater System

Home entertainment technology has come a long way over the years. Televisions and projectors are now able to rival that production quality of many movie theaters. Add in a quality basement audio system, and you may never want to go to the movie theater again. Plus, should there ever be any other kind of forced shutdown again, you’ll be more than prepared with the ultimate home theater. Ready to get underway? If so, we can answer all your questions, go over all the price points, and help you design the ultimate home theater. All it takes is giving us one simple phone call.