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Turn That Extra Room Into What

Is there an interior space in your Sarasota area home in grave need of a remodel? Maybe you wish your dining room didn’t look so disorganized? Perhaps you want to go to the movies without leaving your house?

Or the passing years have seen your household shrink, and you want to turn those old rooms into a single space for entertaining guests?

Whatever your reason or need, our experts at Gilbert Design Build know how to make it work. More than that, we know how to make it beautiful. Give us your ideas, and we will bring them to reality.

Don’t Limit Your Imagination

Most Sarasota homeowners think they are stuck with the choices made when their home was built – that’s just not true!

The possibilities for redesigning the interior of your home are virtually endless. Here are just a few ideas that you may not have thought possible.

Combining Rooms

A major reason homeowners decide to change the interior of their homes is when their household shrinks or grows suddenly. When that happens, having one or two now-empty bedrooms can seem like wasted space.

Luckily, the walls separating most bedrooms are non-loadbearing and can often be removed. You can either create one massive room for entertaining purposes or turn the two rooms into a large and comfortable guest suite – complete with a full bath.

Altering Floor Plans

Some older homes in the Sarasota area seem to have been designed with a special dislike of furniture movers. Tight corners and narrow openings can make it difficult to move larger objects without damaging the walls or the piece itself.

Other times, the flow from one room to the next doesn’t make sense for modern uses. At Gilbert Design-Build, we are skilled at taking outdated floor plans and turning them into a modern design better suited to your needs.

This home remodeling method can be especially helpful when seeking to accommodate the altered mobility that often accompanies aging in place.

Vaulted Ceilings

Vaulted ceilings certainly are majestic, but all they really are is the open space where your second floor would have extended to meet an exterior wall.

Creating vaulted spaces is simply a matter of removing a section of your upper floor. And when that part of the upper floor contains your unused spaces, you won’t even feel the loss.

Plus, the dramatic look created by the change will more than make up for the lost square footage of those old, empty rooms.

Our Process Guarantees Your Approval Because
You Collaborate On Every Design Choice

Many home remodeling contractors operate on a ‘Sit Down And Watch’ system for interior remodeling – but not us!

Our design process ensures that you are involved in every step and have you approve every design decision before we order a single nail.

We take the time to learn why you are making a change and what you expect to get out of your new interior space. We can even account for mobility issues in our designs and integrate those needs to make the changes less obvious.

Everything we do is with beauty and functionality in mind.

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Create Stunning New Spaces

When life changes and spaces in your home no longer serve a purpose, it can open up a world of possibilities. Here are a few ways we’ve given new life to old sections of our client’s homes.

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Deciding How To Remodel Your Interior

With so many available options, it can be difficult to settle on how you want to use your new interior space. One way to get past that first step is to explore the ideas of others. Below are a few articles to help you get started.

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