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Kitchen trends change all the time. As manufacturers create new styles and invent new materials, homeowners shift their preferences from the old to the new.

During the remodeling process, you can incorporate some of these up-and-coming architectural and design trends into your kitchen in Sarasota to keep it fresh and modern. New features also extend the useful life of your kitchen and contribute to enhancing its long-term value.

What’s New for Florida Kitchens in 2021?

As you plan for your kitchen makeover in 2021, it’s important to use your personal priorities and goals as a homeowner to guide the process. However, it doesn’t hurt to keep track of what is trending in terms of Florida kitchen designs. Knowing what’s coming can help you plan your upcoming kitchen remodel and make your kitchen gourmet in design

To help you navigate the planning and design phase of your renovation in Sarasota, here is a look at what’s popular for kitchens now:

1. Stylish Sinks

Sinks are quickly becoming a focal point in modern kitchens, and farmhouse drop-in style sinks are more popular than ever. With a visible apron in front, farmhouse sinks make a strong impression. Sinks of this type can be made from many materials, including ceramic, copper, oil-rubbed bronze, engineered stone and granite.

Each material responds differently to everyday use. Stone sinks, for example, are hard and can be loud, while ceramic sinks may chip. Copper may develop a green patina with time. Research the type of material you’re thinking about buying before choosing the one for your kitchen remodel in Florida.

2. Natural Accents

Bring the outside in with natural accents like real wood and local fauna. Coastal homeowners can create a sense of beach-inspired fun with bamboo chairs pulled up to a tall counter or drink bar. To reinforce the sense of natural beauty in your home, talk to your remodeling contractor in Sarasota about widening the windows in your kitchen to give you broader views of the surrounding Florida landscapes. Additionally, painted and stained wood remain popular, but there’s also a trend toward incorporating this material in its natural state to bring a sense of organic warmth to your kitchen.



3. Open Spaces

Modern homeowners have a deep love of open spaces in their home. You can achieve this sense of space by tearing down the dividing line between the kitchen and living room as part of your upcoming kitchen makeover. There are many advantages to making this kind of change: Open spaces allow family members to spend time together while working on different activities. They also facilitate more free-flowing communication and increased accessibility for family members of all ages and abilities. Plus, open floor plans are great for parties. If you enjoy socializing, bringing people together, and spending time with your family, consider opening up the space when remodeling your home in the Sarasota area. Additionally, you can achieve similar goals by connecting your kitchen to outdoor living spaces so you can go between them easily and conveniently. 


4. Copper Finishes

Copper is a rare metal, both precious and beautiful. Recently, copper has become the go-to metal for upscale kitchens. It can be found adorning light fixtures, sinks, faucets, back splashes and range hoods. Copper develops an attractive patina with time, so your kitchen’s appearance will itself change slightly over time as the copper ages. While the metal begins life with a warm, reddish color, it turns an exotic green or blue over many years. You also can use special cleaners if you would prefer to keep the patina from forming. Additionally, if you don’t want to commit to integrating copper into your kitchen view fixtures and finishes, you can add it as an accent by investing in a nice set of copper pots and pans or your cabinetry hardware.

5. Plenty of Texture

Texture is a hard-to-define characteristic of many modern kitchens in Florida. It may take different forms or show up through different materials. For example, physical texture is found in the rough, knotty surface of a reclaimed wood cabinet, while visual texture emerges through the speckled reflection of a granite countertop. Texture can be subtle, like stripey beadboard walls, or it can be rough and glaring, like the jagged edges of an unfinished stone apron sink. No matter what form it takes, texture adds personality and charm to whatever room it’s in, without taking up space or creating clutter. Many modern homeowners prefer to combine different kinds of texture to create a more attractive design scheme overall.

6. Colorful Accents

Even in 2021, white remains a standard color for kitchens because it’s crisp, clean and bright. However, the lack of color on kitchen cabinets, counters and walls may leave you looking for small ways to integrate some pops of bright or rich colors back into your Florida home. Painted or wallpapered ceilings are just one of the ways this can be done. Turn your kitchen ceiling into an afternoon sky with a bright, beautiful blue. Or, turn the landscape upside down by painting the ceiling a sea-colored teal that mirrors the marine environment found on the Florida Gulf Coast. Match your ceiling with pops of color elsewhere in the kitchen. Either incorporate that shade into the backsplash, the tiles on the counters, or install matching cushions on the kitchen chairs. Another fun way to brighten up your kitchen is by painting your island a deep, striking color.

7. Open Shelving

Open shelving has become a popular kitchen design trend over the past few years. By using it in lieu of upper cabinetry, it makes your kitchen feel more open and spacious. You can use your open shelves to display vintage glassware, a beautiful collection of ceramic plates and bowls, heirloom kitchen items, and other antique or elegant kitchen accessories. The key is to not let them get too cluttered, or it can negatively affect the appearance of your kitchen. In general, open shelving also serves a practical purpose by letting you see what you’re reaching for and making your dishes, utensils and other items more accessible.


8. Larders and Pantries

If you decide to go with open shelving—or even if you stick with floor-to-ceiling two-tone shaker kitchen cabinets—a pantry or larder is a great addition to a modern kitchen. They provide you with ample storage space to ensure you can keep your dry goods or specialty items well-organized and accessible. You can also take a decorative approach to your pantry, painting it bright color or adding an ornamental door. Kitchen larders and pantries also come in all shapes and sizes, so regardless of the size of your kitchen, you can find a unit to match. Or talk to your Sarasota contractor about designing a custom built-in pantry that blends seamlessly into your kitchen layout.

Starting Your Kitchen Remodel in Florida

Whether the purpose of your upcoming kitchen remodel near Sarasota is to improve the appearance, function or convenience of your space, it is valuable to have an experienced contractor on board to handle the design and construction. For nearly two decades, Gilbert Design Build has been helping homeowners in Florida realize their remodel and new home construction dreams. Whether you’re just considering a kitchen remodel, or you’re ready to find a contractor and sign a contract, we walk you through the steps of kitchen remodel, discuss fixtures, timelines and cost and help you determine how to move forward.