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Let Technology Enhance Your Kitchen
For The Better

If you are considering remodeling the kitchen in your Sarasota, FL home, you may be focusing on countertops, flooring, and other design elements but what about the technology you want to use in your kitchen?

We are a society that is very reliant on technology. After all, technology has made our lives easier. For those who incorporate technology into their kitchen, it can also make your kitchen duties easier!

Before you decide on every element of your kitchen remodel, check out these technology ideas to place into your kitchen before finalizing your plans!

1. Touchless Faucets

Have you ever been cooking with grease or dough on your hands, only to find grease and dough all over your faucets after washing your hands? It is just an extra step to add to your cleaning list.

However, with touchless faucets, there is no longer the need to turn the faucet physically. Simply wave your hand in the area to turn the faucet on, clean your dirty hands, and avoid an extra mess to clean up!

Touchless faucets are also a step in the right direction to reducing the number of germs and bacteria in the kitchen!

2. Virtual Assistants

Who couldn’t use a virtual assistant while cooking in the kitchen? The day and age of having a recipe book on the counter are gone. Instead, people are finding recipes online to try.

However, no one wants to have their smartphone out, trying to swipe for what they need, while actively cooking. Virtual assistants help you with ordering ingredients and directions and allow you to ask for clarifications while cooking.

In addition, you can have your virtual assistant play your favorite music playlist while you are cooking or cleaning. A virtual assistant makes your life a little easier while in the kitchen.

3. AI Gadgets And Appliances

The world of artificial intelligence has branched out to include many devices and appliances to be used in your kitchen. Here are just a few of the AI-driven products you can include in your kitchen remodel:

  • Smart fridges let you know when you are out of an item in your fridge. Many smart fridges will even put items onto a grocery list you can add to auto-delivery!
  • AI plates analyze what you eat, giving you calorie information and helping you stick to a healthy diet.
  • Smart trash bins scan the barcode on items thrown away to let you know you are running low on a particular item.
  • Smart cookware cooks your meals without you having to stand over the pot or pan. It can be a brilliant investment for those who want to spend less time over the stove!

AI gadgets and appliances are becoming more commonplace than ever before. Consider just how many ways smart gadgets could make your life easier!

4. Compost Trash Bins

The amount of trash the average family produces is alarming when the focus is on being more environmentally green. Compost trash bins will allow you to take waste or leftovers and turn the organic waste into compost to use in your own garden!

Compost is an amazing way to benefit your own personal garden while reducing the amount of trash your family produces and throws into landfills.

5. Charging Stations

With the various pieces of technology we all use, having a built-in charging station in the kitchen is becoming more commonplace. Many people are devoting a drawer to house the charging station for easy access.

The drawer will have an outlet built into it, making it super easy to charge virtual assistants, cell phones, and everything else you may use in the kitchen.

6. Smart Kitchen Displays

A smart kitchen display is going to allow you to have access to recipes, make grocery lists, watch videos, play music, and much more.

Many homeowners have smart displays built into their countertops, placed on walls, or in-between cabinets. However, you can also have your smart kitchen display be completely mobile if you desire. It is all about what will work best for you!

7. Motion Sensor Lighting

While you do not want motion sensor lighting to be the main lighting in your kitchen, motion sensor lighting is good for certain areas of your kitchen. Mainly under the cabinets to help brighten the countertops while cooking.

With the motion sensor lighting, you can rely on illumination to happen when needed and not a moment before. It is a green option to include in your home, and it can be just a minor aspect that helps you enjoy your kitchen all that much more.

8. Smart Tap Technology

Almost everyone has heard of water filtration systems placed on their regular faucets. However, smart tap technology is one of the latest additions to kitchens. Smart tap technology will not interfere with your regular faucet, but it will give you clean drinking water.

Smart tap technology offers you the option of getting hot water for coffee/tea. Also, you can opt for sparkling water or perfectly chilled water.

Smart tap technology is an energy-efficient and green technology that will definitely have people amazed when they walk into your kitchen.

Your Smart Kitchen Is Only A Call Away

If you are serious about wanting a kitchen that uses all the latest technology, a kitchen remodel is in your future. Imagine having a smart kitchen that uses all the latest tech to make your life easier!

Here at Gilbert Design Build, we offer free consultations for your kitchen remodel and will be happy to discuss what smart technology to consider. Contact us today at 941-757-3395.