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A Legitimate Remodeling Company Is Essential
For Your Peace Of Mind

Working with a legitimate company is key to a successful Sarasota, FL remodel. A good company will construct your remodel right and ensure you are satisfied with the results.

The problem many Sarasota, FL homeowners have is learning how to spot the right company to work with for their remodel.

Check out these 11 factors that showcase a legitimate remodeling company for your next project!

1. Experience 

Experience is a deciding factor when choosing any company to handle your home remodel. Working with a company with years of experience can be a great way to determine if a company is legitimate.

2. Licenses

In the construction world, any company can claim they are “remodeling experts.” However, without a proper license, you should never trust them. Before hiring any remodeling company, determine if they have a license to perfect the work.

In most cases, a legitimate company is more than happy to share its license number with the public. Gilbert Design Build has our license number directly on our website for all to see and confirm.

3. BBB Rating 

The Better Business Bureau was established to help citizens throughout the United States determine if a company is legitimate, so be sure you use this resource!

With the BBB website, you will find the company’s name and can look at the rating and customer complaints or reviews.

For example, Gilbert Design Build holds an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, so you know you can trust your bathroom or kitchen remodel to us.

4. Portfolio To View 

Once a remodeler has burned a homeowner, they often see the red flags in hindsight. One of these red flags is when the company has no portfolio of its work.

You want to ensure you can see or view what the company has done in the past. It is crucial whether the portfolio is open for the public to see, such as published online as we do, or you can request samples to see.

Viewing the past work allows you to determine if the company could meet your needs and desires in a home remodel.

5. Pricing Policy 

What is the pricing policy of the company you are considering for your remodel? If there is nothing in writing, and they simply give you a round figure, then beware!

You always want to ensure the price is recorded in writing. A clear and agreed-upon number will help your project stay on budget and avoid extra hidden costs down the road. Understand what the pricing policy is for customers.

At Gilbert Design Build, we believe in upfront pricing, and once you receive your quote, it is honored. It is a demonstration of just how much ethics plays into how we run our business.

6. Community Involvement 

A legitimate company will be a community pillar – thus, there should be community involvement.

Here at Gilbert Design Build, as we started seeing more and more success, we began to give more to the Sarasota, FL community. We proudly donate to the Breast Cancer Foundation, Habitat For Humanity, and Toys For Tots.

7. Who Is Doing The Work?

Once a company has provided you with a plan for your home remodel, you assume it will be the same group of people doing the actual work. However, many shady companies may hire third-party contractors not associated with their company to do the job.

The issue when third-party contractors are hired is that you do not know if you are getting the work you desire. After all, this contractor is not affiliated with those who have planned this remodel and are new to you.

If the company does not have its crews for the work, consider whether you are comfortable with this arrangement. We do all our work in-house, never contracted out with third parties.

8. Customer Reviews 

Are there customer reviews on the company you are considering? A legitimate business will have reviews online, whether directly on their website, via a third-party website like Yelp, or social media.

If you cannot find reviews, question what they could be hiding. Today’s technology makes it almost impossible for a legitimate company not to have any online reviews.

9. Social Media Presence 

While many old-school companies may not harness the power of social media, many other companies are active on social media to boost their transparency.

The bonus of social media often means seeing the company’s hard work in current and past projects. It can make it even easier for you to decide that a particular remodeler is a suitable option for your home.

10. Putting A Face To The Name

Do you know who works for the company or owns the remodeling company? Having a face to the name is another way to be transparent and prove legitimacy.

We are proud community members here at Gilbert Design Build, and everyone associates our business name with quality craftsmanship.

11. Easy To Connect With

How hard has it been to connect with a remodeling company? Good companies are going to have a variety of ways in which you can contact the company.

We offer an easily seen phone number on our website, web forms, and instant chat features to connect with us. As a legitimate remodeling company, we never want our customers to have difficulty communicating with us.

Choose Gilbert Design Build For Your Sarasota, FL Home Remodel

Looking for a legitimate remodeling company to handle your Sarasota, FL home remodel? Look to Gilbert Design Build. Our core values and attention to detail are just two factors that set us apart from other remodeling companies in the area.

We offer free consultations at no obligation to you for your Sarasota, FL, home remodel. Contact us today via our website or call us at 941-757-3395 to get started!