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Giving Back to Our Community

When we started out over 20 years ago, our hopes were limited to enough success to take care of ourselves and our families. As the years went by and our success grew, our hopes grew as well.

Then, after over a decade of work and with a family that would make anyone proud, we came to a place where we could truly help those in need. Doing so has been more rewarding than any level of business success I could imagine, and it is a part of our mission that we will continue to grow for as long as we are able.

The Ability To Give Back!


Our Longest Standing Charitable Efforts

While we are always seeking out new ways to help those around us, these three programs hold a special place in our hearts and have been a part of our efforts for years.

Breast Cancer Foundation

The scourge of breast cancer is something that has reached deep into our family and that of many members of our staff. The heartache that this disease has caused is incalculable, and we won’t rest until it is erased from this earth.

We participate in local walks and also sponsored an employee for a mega-walk to raise money for the cause. No other cause sits closer to our hearts.

Habitat For Humanity

Habitat For Humanity builds houses for families who need a place to call home. Each family helps in the construction process, adding sweat equity to the building they will soon call their own.

We pull a ton of old but serviceable cabinetry, appliances, and other items out of our customers’ homes almost every day in our business. We are careful to preserve these items so we can donate them to ReStore Greater Sarasota, which is also part of the Habitat For Humanity family.

We’ve even come together as a company to help build a Habitat for Humanity home. The experience was wonderful and brought us even closer as co-workers.

Toys For Tots

This one is a double-whammy for us. We believe strongly in helping the children of the world, and we have endless respect for those who choose to serve in our military.

Toys For Tots is famously organized by the United States Marines and is all about trying to make sure even the least fortunate of our nation’s children don’t feel forgotten during the Christmas season.

We donate every year to support our Marine’s efforts and to look after the next generation. We hope that our small part of this program will remind these children that, no matter how difficult life can be, there is still hope for their future and that even strangers care deeply about them and their families.

Future Efforts

We have several new initiatives in the works, with many in the exploratory stage. We want to find ways to make a real, tangible difference in people’s lives, give them a hand up, and start them on a path to their own success.

The Gilbert family is also active in many efforts as private citizens and are looking at ways to expand those efforts and even fold some, when it makes sense to, into the Gilbert Design Build family of charitable activities.