Top 4 Summer Home Improvement Projects


4 Summer Home Improvement Projects
For Your Sarasota, FL Home

Tackle These Home Improvement Projects
This Summer

When summer rolls around you may be thinking about an upcoming vacation, however, you may also be thinking about all the home improvement projects that need to be completed on your Sarasota FL home.

Summer is the time when most people tackle home improvement projects because they have the time to decide what needs to be done, as well as find the right people to handle these improvement projects.

If you do not already have a list of projects to complete, here are four projects you need to put on your to-do list for this summer!

1. Freshen Up The Interior Design Of Your Home

Maybe your home hasn’t had the rooms painted in a few years, or you are tired of the current look. Summer is a great time to put a dent in that “to-do” list you may have.

Interior design encompasses more than just choosing paint colors, new flooring, and upgrading your furniture. It is also about making sure every room in your home has a purpose. If you have a room that is full of potential but not living up to it, then make the design change!

For example, you may have a room that has become full of junk, why not make this into a home office? Turn your bonus room into a man cave? These are all great interior design projects for your home that will also add value to your home.

If you are interested in upgrading smaller elements of your home, like painting rooms, remember for 2022 most design pros are leaning towards colors that make you feel healthy, serene, and centered. This includes blues, grounded earth tones, and greens!

2. Upgrade Your Kitchen

Many homeowners spend more time outdoors during the summer and many of those same homeowners opt to grill their dinner if the weather permits it.

This is why upgrading your kitchen during the summer is such a great idea as you may not be using it as much so the disruption of remodeling will not be as big of an issue!

The idea of upgrading your kitchen may include adding in elements like:

  • Utilizing stainless steel appliances
  • More cabinets for storage
  • Opening up the floor plan to be modern
  • Increasing the amount of smart technology in the kitchen

A kitchen remodel is a huge investment in your home, but it does pay off in the long run. Think about how much time you spend in your kitchen! If your kitchen functions better and is beautiful, the time spent here is going to be more enjoyable.

Before your remodel, start to write down what you envision for your kitchen and the problem areas that you know you want to be fixed. This can make the design process a bit easier for you.

3. Make Your Dream Luxury Bathroom Come True

If you have always wanted a luxurious bathroom, summer is the time to make it happen. A luxurious bathroom is often a dream of many homeowners because they want to feel as if they step into a spa when they go into their personal bathroom.

This is a fairly common upgrade to a home that not only adds value to the home – – it will definitely make you smile! Take the plunge and contact a contractor to add in luxurious elements like:

  • Glass shower doors
  • Jacuzzi tubs
  • Marble vanities
  • Beautiful lighting fixtures
  • Secret storage that is sleek and modern
  • Towel warmers for after stepping out of the tub or shower
  • Bathroom smart technology like water-saving toilets or smart lighting features

With a luxurious bathroom, you will find relaxation is taken to the next level! Don’t be surprised if you end up spending even more time in the bathroom to decompress from all the summer fun you are having!

4. Complete Small Projects

Maybe you have had the goal of decluttering your entire home or even having the carpet in your home cleaned…summer is a great time to complete smaller projects.

Our best advice is to list these small projects and mark them off as they are completed. If there are small projects which require professionals, then go ahead and arrange for this to happen.

Remember that small projects can also include small renovations to your home. We handle numerous types of small projects for Sarasota, FL homeowners.

Our small project services are meant to bridge the gap between the things you can do and major renovations to your home that require an experienced professional.

Commonly Asked Questions About Summer Projects

Will Your Remodeling Projects Take The Entire Summer?

One of the most commonly asked questions we get for summer projects is whether this home improvement will take the entire summer. The answer to this depends on the project itself.

For example, renovating a bathroom can take six to eight weeks in most cases. Yet, replacing flooring throughout a room often takes just one day.

Is There A Long Wait To Complete Projects During The Summer?

Since the summer is such a popular time to have home improvement projects completed, the sooner you know what you want to be done, the better. You will need to call and schedule these projects with your contractor ASAP so your project can be put on the schedule.

Are There Ways To Find Inspiration For What To Do This
Summer For Your Home?

Definitely! You will find here at Gilbert Design Build we have professionals who can offer ideas on what to do in order to make your dream home a reality.

Whether it is a kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel, or even something smaller like adding in different flooring, there are tons of design options to choose from, and we can definitely help.

Get A Free Consultation Today

Here at Gilbert Design Build, we are ready to help you make the most of your summer and get your home looking as you have always dreamed. For homeowners in the Sarasota FL area, you will want to contact us today or call us at 941-757-3395 to get started on your summer to-do list!

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