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It’s Your Vision That Allows Us To
Consistently Exceed Expectations

Too often, Sarasota remodeling companies only want to know the dimensions of the space you want to be remodeled and what you want to put there. They’ll then give you a few designs to pick from and try to force your choice to fit the space.

The result of this cookie-cutter approach to remodeling is almost always underwhelming and contains numerous oversights that a better approach could have avoided.

At Gilbert Design Build, we take as much care with the design process as we do with our installations, and our clients play a vital role in creating the perfect design for their new spaces. To us, it’s simply the right thing to do.


Partnership = Better Designs

When a homeowner decides to remodel part of their home, it’s often only after months or even years of consideration. So, when the decision is finally made to get it done, they have a much better idea of what they want than any professional designer – even ours.

While most builders may ignore this reality, the design-build process embraces this truth. While what you want is important, why you want it and how you plan to use it are at least as if not more vital to a successful outcome.

This collaborative process is how we learn your real goals. You could simply say you want to eliminate the wall between your kitchen and the dining room and replace it with an island, but there’s more that needs to be learned.

Do you want the wall gone because you want to see your family while you cook or do you want them able to sit with you while you cook? The answer changes the design dramatically, but few contractors would never even thing to ask.

We ask several questions to discover these deeper truths, including:

  • What do you like about the current space?
  • What don’t you like about it?
  • Is it just out of date?
  • Do you need to accommodate a mobility issue?
  • Has your household size changed?
  • Has your lifestyle changed (entertaining more or less often)?

The answers to these and other questions help our designers see the vision you’ve been building over the previous months or years. While any designer can march in and make decisions, they can’t possibly make the ones that are right for you without asking these basic questions.


Your Priorities Are Paramount

Once we understand the type of space you want and how you intend to use it, we can move on to specifics. While beauty is always the goal, these decisions must always fit your priorities.

A major consideration is deciding on your budget. Big budget or small, all homeowners have an idea of how much they are comfortable spending on their new space, which can often limit how much we can do in that space.

For example, suppose we were remodeling your kitchen. In that case, you may be more concerned about custom cabinetry and clever storage systems than whether you have the most expensive and beautiful countertop available. Or, you may consider your countertop the showpiece of your kitchen and want the very best.

Whatever your priorities, we create our designs around them within the bounds of the budget you have in mind.


A Process Born From Respect

The design process at Gilbert Design Build is one of mutual respect and is often our clients’ favorite part of the entire remodel. There is much giving and taking as your ideas and our knowledge and experience mesh to create the perfect custom space for you and your family to enjoy.

Often, even though your ideas can’t be satisfied by anything available on the open market, our custom manufacturers can find a way to bring them to life. Truthfully, we love the challenge and look for such opportunities.

With our design process, we can draw from your vision to create ideas we have possibly never considered and offer solutions you may not have known existed. It’s an organic process that is a joy for all involved.


Stunning Results

Working in partnership with our clients isn’t entirely altruistic. The simple fact is that by designing spaces with the help of our client’s eyes, we have been able to create some truly amazing spaces.

Each time we collaborate with a client, we learn something new, which we can then offer to the next. And, of course, our client gets to enjoy knowing they had a hand in creating that stunning new space in their home.

If you want a greater say in your next remodeling project for your Greater Sarasota Region home, call us at Gilbert Design Build to schedule a free consultation.