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Create More Storage When Remodeling Your Bathroom

When remodeling your bathroom, it’s not only important to keep cosmetic changes in mind, but functionality as well. With many new storage solutions readily available, it’s easy to combine beauty with practicality. In addition to bathtubs, vanities, flooring, and sinks, adequate storage should be considered.

No one wants to walk into a cluttered bathroom with shampoo bottles, toothpaste, and towels, strewn about. An organized bathroom helps settle the mind to become a place of relaxation and comfort. Don’t let clutter and confusion ruin your day!

It’s especially helpful to have a well-organized bathroom after the family expands or when guests come over. A clean, comfortable bathroom puts everyone at ease.

Here are five great storage solutions to consider when remodeling your Sarasota Bathroom.

  1. Custom Vanities 

    We know that everyone’s needs are different. Every household requires different strategies to maintain order and cleanliness. Whether you live alone or have a family of five, space is precious.

    Having the right vanity for your current needs and bathroom size is incredibly valuable. You don’t have to choose premade, predesigned, pre-measured bathroom vanities any longer because we know mass-produced, store-shelf vanities are not for everyone.

    To maximize bathroom storage, consider customizing your vanity. Personalization is everything! Though we certainly can help you make design decisions, you get to drive the ship, creating your bathroom the way you want it.

  2. Custom Cabinetry

    As with vanity space, wall space is a valuable commodity in modern bathrooms. Knowing the best placement for your cabinets will utilize this space to the best of its ability.

    There’s no need to buy premade cabinets at the hardware store when you can customize your own cabinets to meet your demands. Customizing your bathroom cabinets considers the size of an area and uses that area to its full potential.

    Browse our portfolio of custom cabinets for ideas and inspiration! If you don’t see what you want, call us anyway. Our expert designers know exactly how to turn your messy bathroom into a peaceful haven.

  3. Bathtub, Shower, Or Both

    When remodeling your bathroom, you have the chance to change out things you don’t want or don’t need–this includes bathtubs and showers. These changes can potentially open up more space for more storage.

    If you have a bathtub you never use, maybe installing a shower stall is a better option. Bathroom parts and products are easily interchangeable and can be arranged for the right fit for your space.

    Deciding on the features you really need is time well spent. Don’t let an unused clawfoot tub take up valuable real estate when storage space could use it.

  4. Proper Drawers And Shelving

    One of the biggest advantages of custom bathroom cabinets is installing the right drawers to fit. So often, we don’t use drawers as intended, leaving empty space that could easily be used more efficiently.

    Larger drawers may work well to hold towels, but having too many deep drawers takes space away from smaller items. Customizable drawers for your cabinets take all of your needs into consideration, optimizing empty areas.

    Perhaps using a deep drawer for a tube of toothpaste and one toothbrush isn’t room well spent. Drawers with divisions and clear usages designed for smaller items are extremely useful when trying to keep your countertops clear.

  5. Linen Closets

    Remodeling a bathroom is the perfect time to add the linen closet you’ve been dreaming of. Adding a linen closet in that empty corner is easily a possibility when remodeling your bathroom and can greatly increase storage potential.

    Linen closets can hold all types of bathroom necessities, from extra towels and washcloths to backup lotions, soaps, and other toiletries. There’s no need to use your treasured vanity drawers or cabinets when backup items can be kept in a closet, out of sight, yet easily accessible.

    Linen closets are also great to have in guest bathrooms, making any item they may need handy.

Our Sarasota Premier Bathroom Remodeling Company
Has Your Storage Solutions

For over twenty years, Gilbert Design Build has been one of Florida’s top bathroom remodelers, giving each one the attention and detail it calls for. No matter the size or area of your Sarasota bathroom, we can fully accommodate your storage needs.

We handle the entire remodeling process so you don’t have to.You have one company to work with through the entire process.

Make your bathroom the organized and relaxing place it was meant to be! Contact us today!