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9 Staircase Styles And Shapes For Your
Sarasota, FL Home

What You Need To Know For Choosing The
Best Option

The staircase in your Sarasota, FL, home can easily be a focal point for your home. Imagine having a staircase seen upon entering your home, and everyone is speechless when they see it.

It also means that the staircase you have in your home could just as easily detract from the beauty of your home. Therefore, if you want to remodel your stairs, you need to understand the various styles and shapes to choose something that works for your home!

There are various styles and shapes of staircases. There are those staircases designed to be used in small spaces, those that are modern, and those which are traditional. Let’s look at more common styles and shapes in most Sarasota, FL, homes.

1. Straight Stairs 

These are considered the most common and simplest stairs placed in homes. But even without complicated design and structure, straight stairs can still be a stunning addition to any home.

They are considered easy to work with no matter what style of decor or theme you choose for your home, and they are also considered the easiest to navigate as they are straight up and down.

On the flip side of these benefits is that you will find that straight stairs take up quite a bit of linear space. In addition, straight stairs do not provide as much privacy between floors when compared to other types of stairs.

2. L-Shape Stairs 

L-shaped stairs are a variation of straight stairs. These will have a flat midway point, also called a landing, with a 90-degree bend to get to the next floor.

These stairs are visually attractive, and depending upon where they are placed — they can free up some space. However, remember that it can be harder to navigate L-shaped stairs, especially when moving large items up each flight.

3. Winding Stairs 

Winding stairs are visually very similar to L-shaped stairs, but the steps bend in the curve rather than having a landing on the stairs. These stairs create a smooth transition between levels and are considered compact.

These stairs can be harder to navigate, especially when carrying heavy or oversized items. However, they take up less space, so they are an excellent option for those with limited floor space.

4. Half-Turn Stairs 

These half-turn stairs are two straight stars combined with winding stairs in the middle where the two straight sections connect. These stairs are beautiful and visually appealing but challenging to build into a Sarasota, FL, home.

5. Switchback Stairs 

Straight stairs lead up to a large landing when these are placed in a home. From the landing, another set of straight stairs will allow a person to walk up to the next level. The second set of straight stairs is 180 degrees compared to the first set — hence the name!

These are visually appealing stairs while also offering some level of privacy. However, the large landing these stairs use can take up quite a bit of space.

6. Spiral Stairs 

These are compact stairs that are designed in a spiral. Each step spirals up to the second level very compactly, making them perfect for small areas. The drawback is that these stairs can be more brutal to navigate by some people, and only one person can go down or up these at a time.

7. Curved Stairs 

Many people confuse these curved stairs with spiral stairs since they do have a similar curve to these. However, curved stairs are wider and have a larger radius.

These curved stairs are stunningly beautiful in a foyer and are considered elegant. Since these have a broader step, they are typically easy to navigate. However, these are considered among the most expensive stairs to build in your Sarasota, FL, home.

8. Split Staircases 

Split staircases are best described as two stairs that are either straight or curved, depending upon the design, that lead to a top landing on the second floor. These are super elaborate and often open up the entire second floor to see the main floor.

These take up much space and are considered relatively complex to build. However, the split staircases offer easy accessibility and make a statement in your home.

9. Floating Stairs 

With floating stairs, you often see a straight stair with the look of the stairs floating in the air. They are fully or partially open with a wall on one side. However, remember that you can put floating stairs into almost any shape, including winding stairs.

Style Elements To Consider 

Finding the right shape of stairs for your home is one part of the puzzle. The other part is determining what type of style you want. For example:

  • Two-tone wooden staircases create a stunning visual
  • Metal steps with metal rails
  • Steel and wood combined
  • Glass and steel steps
  • Metal balusters or spindle
  • Adding in decorated stair risers
  • Carpeted stairs

In addition, many people use the area under their stairs for additional storage. These are all style elements you must consider when deciding which stairs to have in your home.

How To Choose Your Stairs 

Choosing your stairs is not only based on personal preference but also practicality within your existing floor plan. You will need to determine just what type of stairs will fit into the space you have and go from there.

Luckily, working with qualified contractors will ensure you get a staircase that is not only beautiful but fits your home and is safe!

Free Consultations For Your Sarasota, FL Stairs 

Gilbert Design Build offers free consultations if the stairs in your Sarasota, FL, home need an update for safety issues or you want to make a focal point in your home.

Contact us or call us today at 941-757-3395 to get started!