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Reduce Your Sarasota, FL Remodel Stress By
Avoiding These 7 Things

Make Remodeling A Dream And Stress-Free

Stress is one of the biggest obstacles when remodeling your Sarasota, FL, home. With so many decisions to make throughout the process, it can be an overwhelming experience for many homeowners.

Dust, debris, planning, and scheduling can leave you wondering if the end results are worth the hassle.

However, if you want your dream home remodel, you can do several things to keep worries at a minimum. Here are seven things to avoid to keep your home remodeling project as stress-free as possible.

1. Not Understanding Costs 

One of the most significant stressors in anyone’s life is money. And when you go into a remodel project in your Sarasota, FL home without any accurate understanding of what a bathroom or kitchen remodel will cost, it can lead to many issues.

Budgeting for your home remodel is a must for keeping stress at bay. That’s why securing an accurate and comprehensive quote is essential. You will want to ensure your quote will cover everything you need in your remodel – design, products, materials, and labor.

In addition, it is essential to remember that you should never have to pay for the quote from your contractors.

Remember, the cost of many materials in the home building industry has increased over the last few years. Thus, if you go into a remodel expecting the same price you paid twenty years ago, you will be in for a rude awakening. You may need to adjust your expectations to fit the budget you can afford.

2. Choosing The Wrong Contractor 

In Sarasota, FL, you will find many contractors who consider themselves remodeling specialists. Instead of taking their word for it, be sure you do your due diligence in choosing the right contractor for your remodel.

Consider whether the contractor has a rating with the BBB, customer reviews, and portfolios you can view of past work. If they are reticent to give you upfront pricing, consider this a red flag and move on to your next option.

By taking your time to do your homework, you reduce your chances of being taken advantage of by contractors — thus reducing stress!

3. Unrealistic Expectations For Your Remodel 

Having unrealistic expectations for the outcome of your remodel is a real issue, and believe it or not, it can create a ton of stress. The best way to avoid impractical thinking is to work with designers who can tell you if what you want is feasible or not.

A trustworthy contractor and designer will be transparent about whether the picture in your head is realistic. If not, they can provide alternatives that may be similar to what you want rather than promising something that physically cannot happen.

Imagine how much relief you will feel when you know you are getting the best remodel possible – at a price you can afford.

4. Not Understanding The Schedule 

Any type of remodeling is going to take time. Many Sarasota, FL homeowners get overly stressed when they feel the remodel should be further along or completed. The key to remember is that a remodel does take time to complete correctly.

Depending on your project’s scope of work, the length of time needed will vary. The key to avoiding scheduling-related stress is to sit down with your contractor and understand the timeline for the project.

  • When are the critical milestones in the remodel?
  • What is the completion date the remodelers have for your project?

Ask questions about the timeline if you have them, and understand what you are getting yourself into when you remodel.

5. Making Tons Of Changes Once Work Starts 

One of the critical steps in any home remodel is the design phase. During design, contractors will draw plans to ensure every detail is considered and ready for work. While these plans are not set in stone, you will create more stress for yourself if you add, change, or alter the design after work has started.

Each revision will require new plans, pushing your remodel’s timeframe back by several days or weeks. For this purpose, you always want to look at the initial plans and make any changes to avoid the added stress mid-remodel changes bring!

6. Not Understanding The Quirks Of Your Home 

One of the most significant stresses people feel when remodeling their homes is that they do not know what is hiding behind the wall or the carpet. Stress occurs when your contractors find an issue that needs to be addressed before the remodel can continue.

Sadly, avoiding this type of stress is almost impossible since no one can predict these issues. However, with the right contractors on your side, you will know your options and the increase associated with the work.

7. Avoid Miscommunication 

Miscommunication is one of the most common sources of frustration during a Sarasota, FL, home remodel. For example, there could be a miscommunication between the manufacturer and the delivery service for goods sent to the room. There is also miscommunication between homeowners and their contractors.

The best way to avoid miscommunication mistakes is to ensure you have a list of questions you are curious to ask your contractors. Working with seasoned professionals will also eliminate a lot of the stress, as they may know about issues you haven’t even thought about asking.

Also, be sure you are present for each phase of the remodeling project. You will find that the chances of miscommunications are much less by being actively involved!

Free Consultations For Your Sarasota, FL Home Remodel

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