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When it comes to improving your quality of life by upgrading your home, the kitchen is a good place to start. This space has become integral to the daily life and routine of the modern household.

On any given day, you and other family members and guests use your kitchen for a variety of tasks, from cooking and cleaning to eating, socializing, and working on school projects. The space must be up to the job.

As your family life evolves, your kitchen must change with it. That’s where remodeling comes in. With a carefully planned and executed project, you can transform the space and make it more comfortable, convenient, and well-suited to your personal tastes. The question is, how long does it take to ensure a quality kitchen upgrade that successfully adds value to your home and augments your quality of life?

Kitchen Remodeling Timeline in Sarasota

When it comes to remodeling your kitchen in Sarasota, there are a few key factors that impact the timeline: the size and current condition of your kitchen, the complexity of your project, and whether you’re altering the footprint or changing your plumbing and electrical systems. Renovating a small kitchen with a focus on repairs and simple cosmetic upgrades will take significantly less time than a complete makeover of a large kitchen that involves adding space or changing the location of major kitchen components and turning it into a gourmet experience.

On average, a minor kitchen replacement project takes about six to eight weeks, while a major kitchen transformation runs closer to three to five months from conception to completion. Ultimately, you rely on your design-build remodeler to devise a realistic kitchen remodel schedule and alert you to changes along the way. However, having a general idea of the process ahead of time enables you to manage your expectations and plan around your project. Here are the general time frames to guide your kitchen renovation:

Planning and Design

The first phase of a kitchen remodel centers on making plans, hiring a general contractor, and designing the renovation. During this phase, which typically takes one to two months, you consult with your remodeler and communicate what you like in your existing kitchen and what you want to change, as well as your anticipated budget for the remodel. Over the course of several meetings, you refine your vision and set priorities for your project, enabling your team to start developing plans.

The decisions you make during the design phase will impact the timeliness and efficiency of the remainder of the project, so it’s important to invest time and energy choosing the numerous features, fixtures, and finishes for your kitchen upgrade. You want to establish a solid game plan that you feel confident about before moving on.

Pre-Construction Phase

The next step for your kitchen renovation is pre-construction, which often takes another couple of weeks. During this time, your kitchen remodeling contractor presents you with a concrete budget based on your specific selections and a detailed construction schedule so you know what to expect over the next few weeks or months. They also use this time to pull permits for your project, line up subcontractors and tradespeople, order materials, and prepare the job site. If you want a temporary kitchen to use while your current one is out of commission, it also gets set up at this time.

Construction Phase

With all the pieces in order, your team is ready to break ground on your kitchen remodel in Sarasota. Like the design, the construction phase varies based on the scope of your project. A full kitchen renovation that involves layout changes and altering plumbing and electrical service locations takes about two to four months. A smaller project with no floor plan changes can be finished in a few weeks.

The construction phase generally starts with demolition, during which the remodeling team removes any cabinets, flooring, and kitchen appliances you want to replace. If you’re applying an open concept to your layout or expanding the space, your team may also have to move walls and extend the foundation, which adds to the kitchen remodeling timeline.

With the space stripped to the suds, specialized tradespeople can easily reroute plumbing, electrical, and gas lines. From there, it takes about two to four weeks to install your new kitchen cabinetry, countertops, shelves, and flooring, unless you had special orders and you’re waiting on materials to arrive. The next step is installing new light fixtures and appliances and hooking them up. At that point, you’re mostly looking at surface-level work or adding the finishing touches, such as your cabinet hardware, tile backsplash, and a fresh coat of pain. Those tasks should only take about four days to a week.

Clean-up and Inspection

Your kitchen renovation project is ready to move into the final stage, which involves site cleanup, inspections, and a walk-through. Your contractor shows you around the newly remodeled space and marks items off a kitchen renovation checklist. If you have questions or concerns, you can bring them up during this time, giving your team the opportunity to do final touch-ups as needed. Once you’ve signed off on the project, it’s time to enjoy the improved comfort and convenience of your upgraded kitchen.


Design-Build Remodeling in Sarasota, Florida

The best way to streamline the kitchen remodeling process is to establish a clear vision and realistic budget at the outset, and then stick to the game plan during construction. The benefit of working with a design-build team, such as Gilbert Design-Build, is that it increases efficiency, trendiness, and streamlines communication so there is less risk of uncertainties and misunderstandings. Our wide range of services allows us to walk alongside you every step of the way, sharing our industry knowledge and empowering you to make confident, informed decisions about your kitchen and how to make it a better fit for your family’s future.