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Remodeling? Why Choosing a Design-Build Company is a Wise Decision

Everything You Need to Know About Design-Build 

Choosing to tackle a remodel in your home might generate mixed feelings – it’s a huge decision that can become an exhausting experience. You’re excited about the possibility of finally getting the bathroom or kitchen of your dreams. On the other hand, you may feel anxious, remembering all the remodel horror stories you’ve heard.

These feelings are understandable – a remodel is not a decision to take lightly. If you’ve been considering a home remodel project, you want to ensure that the company you choose produces a perfect product with the least possible stress for you.

When your priority is to have a remodel that is easy, efficient and creates the rooms of your dreams, then opting for a reliable design-build company is the best possible decision.

Here are nine reasons why choosing a design-build company is the smartest choice for homeowners.

1. One Point of Contact 

With a design-build remodel, you will have one person (one point of contact). But if, instead, homeowners choose to work with multiple providers, they may have a contact for their designer, then possibly several for construction. In most cases, they would have to contact the individual contractors working in their homes.

Imagine if you were designing a garden. Would you want one worker to plant the radishes, another the carrots, a third to plant the potatoes and a fourth to plow and fertilize? Obviously, without effective communication with each worker, that garden could become a field of weeds, instead of dreams.

When you have to communicate with numerous workers, that increases the possibility of issues –things tend to slip through the cracks and can add unnecessary stress to you and your family throughout the project. Plus, costs will be higher and the project will take much longer to complete.

2. A Simplified Building Process 

Design-build companies are there every step of the way during the process. They have experience in designing and ordering materials, and they have the professionals to do the actual remodel.

In addition, a great design-build company will involve you, the homeowner, throughout the process. If there is a design issue, you can point it out, and the designer can apply a solution. Being involved in every facet of your project means you control everything. A holistic approach to your remodel helps eliminate many of the common concerns associated with construction.

3. Accurate Prices Given 

When you opt for a design-build company for your remodel, you are given a more accurate price.

If you were to do your remodel the traditional way, you might find your designer ends up charging more, or perhaps your construction crew members claim that they must add thousands to your budget. Design-build companies eliminate these types of surprises by controlling costs and passing along the potential savings to their customers.

Does that mean there will not be unforeseen issues arising in the budget? Not necessarily. After all, any remodel can be derailed if a wall is removed only to discover mold or old termite damage. However, these are drastic situations that are often unpredictable, and most issues are mitigated by a design-build approach.

4. A Specialist Takes Care of Everything

Years ago, some professionals were termed “master builders.” These master builders would be able to handle any part of the building process, whether it was laying the floor or installing new plumbing.

However, as time passed, the idea of choosing a master builder lost popularity, and outsourcing became a more frequent option for most companies. However, design-build companies are rekindling the master builder era by employing top-notch craftsman for every piece of the remodeling project.

A design-build company will have all the masters needed to complete your remodel. For example, if your kitchen remodel requires new plumbing, there will be a professional on staff to handle everything. And, if your bathroom remodel requires a professional to install new tile or a special light fixture, there will be a seasoned pro available for the work.

5. Unique Designs are Guaranteed 

When working with a design-build company, the designers on staff help you decide what you want for your remodel. By pinpointing the precise details of your dream space, a skilled designer helps make the process more efficient with results that meet or often exceed your expectations. Employing a design-build company is appealing to so many homeowners because, ultimately, the end result matches their dreams – every time.

6. Speedy Remodels 

When remodeling your home, working with one company shortens the time frame for a completed project. If you are on a tight schedule, design-build companies can almost always fit a remodel within your time frame.

7. Minimized Risks 

A significant remodeling headache for many homeowners is that problem-solving becomes their responsibility. A design-build firm will work with you to find an answer to issues and mitigate the fallout and stress.

Thanks to a design-build process, contingency plans are often in place, budgets are set and the risk for homeowners is minimal.

8. Experienced Workers for Your Remodel

Most design-build companies only hire experienced professionals for their projects. No matter the job, their expertise can minimize issues and produce beautiful, finished results. Whether it’s new cabinets, an updated countertop, or energy-efficient lighting systems, a seasoned professional helps make the job run smoothly.

After all, you probably don’t want a brand-new plumber handling your complicated kitchen remodel?

9. Open Communication

In any remodeling project, open communication is a must-have. Design-build firms function based on open communication, with the homeowner and across the entire team, in order to guarantee a successful remodeling result.

Effective open communication reduces stress for the homeowners because, having been fully informed throughout the process, they are far less likely to face shocking surprises.

Schedule a Consultation for Your Remodel

We’ve explained the value of choosing a design build team for your bathroom or kitchen remodeling project. We would love it if you would select our team at Gilbert Design Build to help you create your dream room.

If you are ready to remodel your home, it is time to schedule a consultation with Gilbert Design Build. The term “design-build” is proudly included in our name as we offer a streamlined process to give you the remodel you have always wanted!

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