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The Benefits Of Our Design-Build Methods Go
Way Beyond The Quality Of Our Work

If you mention design-build to most people in the Greater Sarasota Region, you’ll most likely get a blank stare in return. But those who understand the term will probably start talking about how rewarding the process is and how glad they are for choosing that path for their home’s remodel.

Since we feel everyone should have a chance to enjoy the design-build experience, we’ve decided to list five of the major differences between our design-build method and a standard remodeling project.

The First Step Couldn’t Be More Different

With a standard remodel, your first step is to go to an architect and pay them to design your remodel based on the changes you wish to make.

While any good architect will draw what you ask for, they don’t concern themselves with any budget you may have in mind, just the elements you’ve laid out in your request. And even you make a point of discussing a budget, they aren’t builders and have only a vague sense of what a project will cost.

You won’t know the true cost of your project until you’ve talked to several contractors.

So, the chance you’ll need to return to the architect and pay them again to modify the design is fairly high.

With Gilbert Design Build, you meet with a designer in our showroom to go over what you want, why you want it, and why you don’t like what you have now. We also ask you how you plan to use the new space to ensure the changes you want mesh with how you live.

We’ll also discuss your budget, and since everyone involved in planning your project are under the same roof, they’ll tailor make a design and recommend selections to fit your financial needs.

The Design Phase Is Fun Rather Than Hectic

In your basic remodel, you can expect to make multiple trips to multiple suppliers as you figure out what materials and products to use in your design. Then, you’ll have to juggle multiple timeframes as each supplier will have a different answer regarding when your product will arrive.

And if there are any problems, you’ll have to remember which supplier was sending which items and then find out who to call for each.

Our design process is much simpler.

You work with one designer to pick out everything while sitting in the comfort of our showroom. If you aren’t certain about a choice, you can walk around the showroom and take a look at some samples before making a decision. And if something is needed that you don’t see in our showroom, we can certainly accommodate that as well.

And once all the elements of your design have been selected, our designer will take that information and create a rendering of your new project that is so beautiful you might want to have it framed.

No running around and no juggling vendors – that’s our job.


High Efficiency = Lower Costs (And Blood Pressure)

Most home remodels involve several different contractors who may or may not know each other – and you’ll need to select each one. You’ll also need to schedule them according to their availability, which can hamper the pace of your project.

Each contractor is only responsible for their portion of the remodel – and it shows.

If they see a problem that doesn’t affect their work, they’ll likely ignore it and assume the ‘other guy’ will handle it later.

Plus, if one contractor gets held up, it can stop the process altogether since each step must be taken in the proper order.

With a design-build project, everyone who steps into your home will have repeatedly worked with the other craftsmen – and that shows, too.

They know what the other person wants, and because they all report to one company, any issues they spot are quickly resolved instead of being covered up or ignored.

Plus, since they consistently work for one company, they give better rates, and we always pass those savings on to our clients.

And best of all, instead of you keeping track of multiple contractors, it’s our job to keep you informed at all times.

So instead of a migraine from trying to corral contractors like a herd of cats, you get a pleasant, positive, and professional experience from beginning to end.

What More Could You Want?

The design-build process is faster, more efficient, and can even cost less than a standard home remodel. Plus, you get a team of highly-professional individuals dedicated to delivering excellence every single time.

The result is an amazing new space in your home that is built to last, reflects your personality, and fulfills your every need.

No matter how big or small the job, we give you the same great service and your project the same attention to detail.

If you need to remodel your Sarasota home and want to receive the benefits of the design-build process, call us at Gilbert Design Build today for a free consultation.