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When it comes to filling out the walls, floors, and even ceilings in bathrooms, tile is king. Most tile materials are heavily water-resistant and are easy to clean. One of the nicest things about installing tile is that if you misjudge by half an inch or so only a small amount of material will be lost and you can easily cut the final row to the right size. But the question is, what type of tile is best for your Florida bathroom remodel?

The best type of tile for you will suit your budget, appeal to you visually, and be mostly maintenance-free and long-lasting while still meeting the first two criteria. Below we will discuss various tiles, starting with a comparison of the two most popular types.

Ceramic vs Porcelain

Porcelain and ceramic are by far the most popular and commonly used tile materials. They are reasonably durable, more than sufficiently water-resistant, look very nice, and are fairly easy and inexpensive to replace when necessary.

Possibly the most important difference, between porcelain and ceramic, is that ceramic is more porous, which means it will stain easier if not properly glazed. However, even without glazing, it will endure water exposure better than unfinished porcelain. Ceramic is less durable than porcelain, but is more affordable. Porcelain is an excellent choice, and is often installed as a default. Premium porcelain is significantly more expensive than ceramic due to its superior long-term performance.

In terms of cost, both types will  come out even in the end, since porcelain will last longer but is more expensive. In the end, your choice should come down to whichever product you feel looks better and better suits your budget during the production phase of your construction or renovation project.

But, of course, you have many more bathroom tile options besides these two. So, let’s take a look through our complete Florida home tile options

Terracotta Tile

This classic tile features a beautiful traditional look and is ideal for creating a feeling of old-world charm. They retain heat well, so you won’t always need your slippers, and it is quite strong and durable.

Vinyl Tile

Inexpensive, long-lasting, and easy to install, vinyl is a very common bathroom material. While it lacks the luster of the finer bathroom tile materials, it shines via its low cost and ease of repair.

Stone Tile

A premium tile category, stone includes marble, granite, and limestone. Each of these are beautiful and classic choices. There is a wide range of colors and styles, and any stone tile would make a beautiful addition to your bathroom.

  • Marble: The king of all surface materials, marble is durable, strong, and supremely water-resistant.
  • Granite: The most common alternative to marble, granite is extremely durable, and has a more muted and down to Earth feel.
  • Limestone: Less common, and therefore more visually outstanding, limestone has a shine that is somehow muted, which creates a subtle glow effect that is quite impressive.

Wood Flooring

Uncommon in bathrooms for obvious reasons, wood is another option. It can be thoroughly sealed for good water resistance and a lustrous effect. Naturally, it will require more maintenance than other tiles, but it looks amazing when done correctly.

Linoleum Tile

Another common and affordable tile type is Linoleum. Today’s linoleums can be quite nice looking with the advanced manufacturing processes now available. It is also relatively warm, adding welcome comfort to bare feet.

Glass Tile

A tile of choice in gyms and upscale public pools, glass tile has a wonderful luster when wet, making it a popular choice for luxury showers. It can chip, causing a minor hazard, and it can be especially slippery.

Metal Tile

Most commonly found on bathroom walls, metal tile is a solid and sophisticated choice. It comes in a range of tones and can be interspersed with interesting decorative flairs.

Cement Bodied Tile

Another classic choice, cement bodied tile is very durable and visually appealing. It must be thoroughly sealed and occasionally resealed to maintain the chic industrial appeal that it offers.

Slate Tile

One of the toughest and most durable tile materials, slate, is highly resistant to damage. It must be well-sealed to prevent water damage, but it gives a unique look that can be muted and naturalistic or polished.

Pebble Tile

Also known as “river-rock tile,” pebble tile gives a wonderful wild river aesthetic. It is above average in durability, and it looks terrific. It’s only significant drawback is that it can be tough to clean.

To learn more about these and other exciting bathroom tile options, get in touch with the bathroom renovation professionals at Gilbert Design Build.