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5 Ways To Survive Your Sarasota, FL
Master Bathroom Remodel

If your Sarasota, FL master bathroom is making you cringe, it may be time for a bathroom remodel. However, when many people hear the term “remodel,” they think of all those horror stories homeowners often tell each other.

Missed deadlines, busted water pipes that flood the rest of the house, months of not having a bathroom, or the dreaded clean-up after the work is done — many people dread having their home remodeled.

With the master bathroom, the dread you may feel is even more intense. After all, the master bathroom is where most people get ready in the morning and night. Thus, having it out of commission during remodels can be a huge hurdle.

Luckily, we have five ways in which you can survive your Sarasota, FL master bathroom remodel, so you do not go crazy!

1. Timing Is Everything 

Timing is everything when you are ready to start your master bathroom renovation! Choosing the right time of year to begin your project is crucial for keeping it hassle-free.

Use these tips to help you find the right time for your bathroom remodel:

  • Consider during the school year if you have kids in school. Through picking this time, the kids are out of the house during the day while your bathroom remodeling company does the work.
  • Try to avoid a bathroom remodel during the holiday season. The holidays are stressful enough without adding in a remodel!
  • Planning a family vacation can be an option if you can make it last for a few weeks. Imagine leaving and coming home to a newly renovated master bathroom!

Overall, think about when a remodel can happen, so it does not interfere as much with your everyday life.

2. Prepare The Bathroom For Renovation 

No, we aren’t talking about you pulling out cabinets or ripping up the floor. Properly preparing your bathroom means removing all those items that don’t need to be there.

For example, all of your beauty and hair products must be removed, as well as any linens you may keep in your bathroom and even decor you may have. The idea is to remove any items that are not a permanent part of your bathroom. In doing so, the crew can start on the remodel as soon as possible and without any obstacles.

Plus, by doing this before work begins – you are not running back into a construction zone to find your favorite hair care product!

3. Prepare For Dust, Dirt, And Noise 

Any type of remodeling can be dusty, dirty, and noisy – there is no getting past this. There is no getting past this. However, you can do some things to help you deal with this and not feel like you are losing your mind.

  • Be sure to hang heavy plastic on the door frame to the master bathroom. This heavy plastic can go a long way to stopping dust from entering the hallway or bedroom.
  • Encourage your remodel crew to use this route if there is a shorter route to get to your master bathroom other than the front door.
  • Open the windows if possible in both the master bathroom and the connected bedroom. When dealing with dust and dirt, fresh air can do a world of good.
  • Noise-canceling headphones may become your best friend, especially if you are working from home!
  • Don’t expect to host guests in your home or attend Zoom meetings near where the remodel is happening due to noise. Make alternate arrangements, such as working from a coffee shop or taking a Zoom meeting outside.

4. Get To Know Your Remodeling Company 

The better your relationship with your master bathroom remodeling company, the happier you will be throughout the process. Building a positive relationship with those doing the work is a great way to feel comfortable in the entire project.

Learn the contractor’s name, ask questions, and feel free to speak with him or her. Please get to know them and the work they are putting into your master bathroom.

When you work with Gilbert Design Build, our project managers are happy to discuss your master bathroom remodel with you. We will always be on hand for any issues, and you will get to know us well if we handle your remodel.

5. Practice Patience 

They say “patience may be a virtue,” but let’s face it, when it comes to having your master bathroom remodeled, it may be hard to find serenity. But, finding ways to cope with your bathroom remodel will make the process much easier.

Remember that you want your master bathroom remodel to succeed. It takes time to create a masterpiece, so talk with your project manager about the time frame, and be prepared to practice patience.

Take some time-outs if you feel yourself getting worked up thinking the remodel is not going as fast as it could be. Also, be prepared for times when crews may shut the water or electricity off at your home. Being organized and ready for these events can help you avoid running out of patience.

No Obligation Consultations From Gilbert Design Build 

If you are tired of your current master bathroom, or you know it looks like something from a movie scene from years ago, a master bathroom remodel is the way to get the bathroom of your dream now rather than later.

With the tips we mentioned, you should also avoid going crazy during your remodel!

Remodeling your Sarasota, FL master bathroom may very well be at the top of your to-do list. If so, be sure you are getting a consultation from the pros at Gilbert Design Build at no obligation. Contact us via our website or call us today at 941-757-3395!