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Everyone needs a space where they can wind down after a hard work day, hang out with friends, or chill on the weekends. You’ve run out of TV shows to watch and are bored of scrolling through your phone, but leaving the house sounds like a drag.

With large crowds and overpriced drinks, the neighborhood bar may not be as fun as it once was. In this day and age, a custom home bar sounds pretty appealing!

There is a lot to consider before starting this project, but don’t let the possibilities overwhelm you! Think of it as a chance to spruce up and personalize the entertainment space in your Sarasota, Florida home.

Here are five things to think about while designing your custom home bar:

1. Location Is Everything 

Finding the perfect place to build your home bar is essential. Accessibility to water and electricity is helpful, as well as close proximity to a restroom.

The number of guests you plan on serving should also be considered. Whether you only plan on entertaining a couple of people or dozens will determine the logistics of where to set your bar.

You might also want to place the bar close to additional seating, near a television, or close to an exterior door. Be sure to keep space in mind if you plan on adding things like a dart board or pool table.

Remember privacy and the noise factor are things to also think about. You might not want to place your future sports bar underneath the upstairs bedrooms.

2. Theme 

From sports bar to tiki to the executive lounge, there are many different types of bar themes to choose from. Do you want to hang out and watch the game with your buddies or sip on a martini while decompressing? Your intentions will guide the look you’re going for.
You might also want to consider whether your chosen theme melds with the rest of the house. This may not be important to some people, but others may not want a tiki bar in the middle of a Grecian-style living room.

3. Style And Design Options 

Now that you’ve decided on a theme, you can start picking your style choices. This is your home! You get to create the bar you’ve always wanted! Choices include everything from bar size to cabinet color to countertop material.

Location may affect sizing options, but great style also includes function and should easily be adaptable to the space. You don’t have to lose functionality in order to get the home bar of your dreams.

Style choices, including custom cabinetry, will be the thing that sets your bar apart from any others. When designing cabinets, think of more than just storage. Think of wood type, color, and dimensions. Keeping bottles on display in glass cabinets is not only effective, but it also looks great. What better way to show off your collection!

If you’re feeling stuck, check out some photos from our past projects for inspiration.

After choosing your bar basics, you can spruce up the space even more with the right barstools and seating. Bringing everything together will definitely give you the overall look you envisioned.

4. Lighting 

Good lighting can make or break the tone of a home bar. Different types of lighting create different ambiances, so it’s important to put a lot of thought into this aspect.

Recessed lighting is easily dimmable and functional, while pendant lighting over the bar counter can add a personal touch. You can choose shade style, including shape and size, as well as chord material and bulb type. Pendant lighting also allows you to choose the chord length, giving you the chance to create that perfect ambient lighting.

Though some people may want natural light, it’s good to remember to keep your booze out of direct sunlight. It’s best to keep your drinks in a cool, dry space away from excessive sun exposure.

5. Handy Additions 

When custom designing a home bar, you should also think beyond the basics. You might want to add a sink, dishwasher, wine cooler, refrigerator, ice maker, or beer tap. All of these added features, though convenient, might also affect the location you chose, style, and sizing options.

Gilbert Design Build Is Ready To Turn Your
Dream Custom Home Bar Into A Reality

Creating a DIY home bar might sound like a good idea, but leave this one up to the experts. Gilbert Design Build will work with you to achieve your perfect Sarasota home bar.

By managing our projects all in-house, customers are able to receive the best results. With great communication and a focus on personal customization, you’ll surely reap the benefits of a home bar investment.

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