Four Steps To Prioritize Your Sarasota FL
Home Remodeling Projects

Streamline The Process Of Getting Your Dream Home

Streamline The Process Of Getting
Your Dream Home

In theory, remodeling your Sarasota, FL, home may sound like an easy process, but your nerves may still already be frazzled. You know the look you want, the upgrades you need, and the projects that will make your dream space a reality. But, you may be panicking because you don’t even know where to start.

With numerous remodeling projects available, it is imperative that you learn ways to prioritize your home renovation ventures. Prioritizing will make everything more organized and get you the results you want and have always dreamed of for your home.

Check out these four steps for prioritizing your upcoming home remodeling projects.

1. The Needs Of The Home 

We suggest you go room by room in your Sarasota, FL home to determine what is needed in each space. Start with the most used rooms, such as the bathroom and kitchen, and then work through bedrooms and other living spaces.
While in each room, list what needs to be done to remodel the area to your specifications. Write down the remodel ideas for the space, then move on to your next room.

2. Separate Your Evaluations 

Now that you have your lists of potential projects, it’s time to evaluate each item. You will want to label each evaluation with “need” or “want.”

As you look at your list, think about what is required to make your room function better. For example, a remodel is necessary if you only take showers but need a bathtub in your home for other family members.

It is not necessarily a must-have if you have new kitchen countertops on your list because you want an upgraded material like granite. It is categorized as luxury and should be placed in the want column.

Remember, you should place any safety issue high on your priority list. For example, suppose your staircase needs to be replaced because it is a falling hazard. In that case, replacing the stairs takes precedence over painting the walls.

3. Budget Planning 

Once you have a list of your wants and needs, now is the time to determine your budget. Having a budget in mind can help you to define which projects should come first on your list.

Remember, a budget for a home improvement project is often guesswork. Many people decide to start with a number, knowing they will probably go 20% above the initial budget due to unforeseen circumstances. But choosing the right remodeling company can help you plan your projects more accurately.

4. Choosing Your First Project 

After evaluating and separating your needs and setting your budget, it is time to choose the first project. Our recommendations are to:

  • Choose the project you have listed which will increase safety
  • Go with a project that is a “need”
  • Opt for the project you can afford right now

If your project meets these criteria, it’s time to move forward. Be sure to put those wants aside unless you have the budget for your entire remodel, and your “needs” will still be satisfied with these wants.

Factors That Affect Your Priority List 

While you may have your priority list complete, some uncontrollable factors could affect your priority list.

These might include:

  • The time of year in which you want your home to remodel completed. Luckily, for those in Sarasota, FL, you are going to find the weather is not as big of a determining factor in whether we can handle your remodel or not.
  • Supply chain issues are still a problem for just about every industry. If you opt for materials that are harder to find, it could set back the timeline for your completed remodel.
  • The current schedule of your home remodeling partner.

Getting Started With Your Remodel 

Once you know the areas of your home you want to remodel and have a budget, it is time to get started with the remodel. Here’s how to start your project the right way:

  1. We would suggest that you schedule a showroom meeting. At this meeting, we will discuss your goals, timing, budget, and the priority of your home remodel project. We are getting a good idea of what you will need from us during this meeting.
  2. Next comes your in-home consultation! A consultation will inform you of whether what you want or need is possible and the various parameters of developing your design.
  3. After meeting with you and seeing your home, the design process starts! We create your vision on paper, specify the materials needed, set the price, and try our best to show you how great your remodel could be.

If you are still unsure of the priority of your home improvement projects, discuss this with your chosen remodeling partner. You should always start with safety elements that could be putting you in jeopardy.

You want to ensure your home is your safe place, and if one project is going to increase safety, it is at the top of the list.

Call Us Today For No Obligation Consultations 

For many people, the idea of remodeling their home brings about feelings of panic. Prioritizing those remodeling projects makes it easier to be more organized and ensure what gets done is needed.

If you are a Sarasota, FL homeowner looking to start a remodel project, let the professionals at Gilbert Design Build offer a no-obligation consultation to make your project list a reality. Call today at 941-757-3395 or contact us via our website!

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