Consider New Kitchen Storage Ideas For Your
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A Kitchen Remodel Is The Perfect Time For Including More Storage

A Kitchen Remodel Is The Perfect Time For
Including More Storage

Many homeowners forget about storage when starting their kitchen remodeling project, leaving it as an afterthought. If your new kitchen fails to function as needed, ignoring this crucial element can almost defeat the whole purpose of a kitchen remodel.

Before starting your new kitchen remodel, it’s best to think about installing storage that meets your current needs. Planning for storage solutions saves you money and hassle, keeping you from later adding bulky, unappealing storage.

Through our experience at Gilbert Design Build, we’ve learned a thing or two about kitchen storage – what works and what doesn’t. We want to pass that knowledge on to you with these great kitchen storage ideas.

It’s All About The Pantry 

An organized pantry makes a massive difference in form and functionality! You might have the most extensive pantry in the world, but if it’s not well organized, you’ll still run into many problems.

When remodeling your kitchen, look to add simple storage ideas to your pantry, like more useful shelving, pull-out drawers, vertical hangers, baskets, over-the-door racks, and more. Pantries are more than shelves now – if properly designed, they can hold more than you ever thought possible.

Plus, proper storage in your pantry leads to easy accessibility and access, keeping your pantry clean and organized for longer. Great pantry storage also allows you to see what you have and need more of, wasting less food and saving you money.

Practical Kitchen Islands 

Kitchen islands can be more than additional counter space – they can provide excellent storage, sometimes even doubling your storage space! The best part about kitchen islands is how you can customize them.

Islands hold many different storage possibilities, from built-in drawers to under-counter cabinets to open storage. Plus, if your island is already customized for the size of your kitchen, you’ll get the chance to incorporate other useful features, like wine racks, cutlery drawers, and pot and pan storage.

Kitchen islands are also a great place to put your microwave, wine coolers, and other hardwired appliances. The more you can creatively fit under your kitchen island, the more counter space you’ll free up.

Hanging Pot And Pan Racks 

Smaller kitchens may only allow enough cabinet space for plates, bowls, and cups, as pots and pans can take up a lot of space when stacked vertically in cabinets or drawers. In kitchens where ample cabinet space is a problem, try installing hanging racks above your kitchen island, sink, or stovetop.

Hanging racks come in many different sizes, styles, and materials, making them easily customizable for your kitchen. Many people don’t think to use the empty space above their kitchen workplaces, but this is some of the most usable space in the kitchen.

Pots and pans hung on overhead racks make them easily accessible, easy to find, and kept dry and clean from any cabinet debris. You’ll be more likely to use your pots and pans when they’re in sight, and you can quickly grab them.

Kitchen Carts Give You Extra Space 

Sometimes there just isn’t enough cabinet, drawer, and counter space to hold it all – this is when mobile kitchen carts come in handy. Wheeled carts add just the right amount of space you need to make your kitchen functional.

Mobile kitchen carts, like kitchen islands, are also customizable, giving you the right size for your space. Because they’re on wheels, you can quickly move your cart to where it’s needed most or entirely out of the way, if not needed at all.

Carts are also great places to store utensils or appliances you may not use daily, freeing up precious storage space for your most used items. On open shelf carts, baskets are a great way to hide rarely used appliances, keeping your kitchen looking clutter-free.

Put Above-Cabinet Space To Use 

Utilizing the area above your cabinets is an excellent use of storage space in your kitchen. If your cabinets do not extend to your ceilings, you can easily store rarely used pots, pans, or bowls above.

This is also an ideal space for decorative plates or bowls, giving your kitchen some added style. You can also customize kitchen cabinets to add additional cabinets above the primary units. Extra cabinet space can make room for a lot of needed storage.

Smaller cabinets can also be installed above refrigerators, stove tops, and sinks, making great use of space. When installing or customizing your kitchen cabinets, ask a professional about the many available options.

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For over 20 years, Gilbert Design Build has helped the people of Sarasota, FL, incorporate valuable and practical storage ideas into their kitchen remodels. Our time in the field has gained a lot of experience, teaching us what works and what doesn’t in the kitchen.

When you’re ready to start your next kitchen remodeling project, trust a company that knows its stuff. Our all-in-one process keeps things simple, giving you the best results possible!

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