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Learn All Of The Facts Before Installing Your
A New Shower Or Bathtub

At Gilbert Design-Build, we know how important it is for our Sarasota, FL, clients to be as informed and educated on their bathroom remodeling projects as possible. This is why we think learning the correct bathroom remodeling terminology is essential.

Learning what specific terms mean before your project starts ensures your full participation in the process. This also allows us to be on the same page and opens a clear line of communication.

Communicating your needs and wants effectively during your bathroom remodeling process guarantees you the best results! We want you to be in control of your bathroom remodel the whole time! Here are some valuable words to help you along the way:


In terms of bathrooms, vanities are the cabinet, sink, and countertop combo units at which many people spend a lot of time performing their daily hygiene rituals. All vanities do not have to include those three elements, but most do.

For instance, installing a separate bathroom sink into a vacant vanity opening is possible. You can also swap out countertops on the bottom cabinets for ones you like better. Sometimes the sink is built into the countertop, and sometimes it’s separate.

Also, some vanities include a mirror or overhead lighting. These features can also be mixed and matched depending on taste. Vanities come in all different sizes, colors, and materials, allowing you to choose what works for your specific bathroom.

Choosing the right vanity for your bathroom remodel is essential, as it is a cornerstone for the rest of the bathroom design. It’s crucial to consider the right size vanity for your current layout and its style in relation to the rest of your bathroom and home.


Tile is another impactful element of your overall bathroom remodel. These are hard pieces of material used to protect and decorate your bathroom floor, walls, or shower and come in all sizes and shapes, including squares, rectangles, or hexagons.

Some tiles are sold individually, but many come in easy-to-install sheets now, already connected. Bathroom tiles also come in a variety of materials, such as ceramic, glossy or matte PVC, and porcelain.

In addition to material, tiles come in several different looks or styles, such as marble, wood, and stone. You can also choose to tile only certain parts of your bathroom, giving it more texture and dimension.

Tiles range in price due to the variety of options, including quality, but they can easily make or break the look of your bathroom remodel. Consider the overall look of your bathroom, such as contemporary, industrial, or cottage, before choosing the right tile.

Though many homeowners think tiling is easy, we recommend calling a professional. This way, you’ll always get the proper size cut, premium installation, and correct grouting techniques.


So, what is grout anyway? Grout is the substance used between tiles to set them in place. It fills in the gaps and seals the tiles together. Generally, grout is categorized as sanded or unsanded, and its usage depends on the size of the tile and tile joints (space between tiles).

Sanded grout is more widely used in home projects and contains sand to resist shrinkage and cracking. It’s best to use sanded grout in joints larger than ⅛” in bathroom projects and generally costs less.

Unsanded grout is used for more delicate tiling projects and can be used in tile joints less than ⅛”. Because it doesn’t contain sand, it fits smoother into more intricate spaces. Unsanded grout is more expensive but worth it to give your bathroom a complete, professional look.

Both types of grout can be used on bathroom floors and walls – it just depends on the tile size.


A bathroom backsplash is an extension of your vanity counter that connects it to the wall. In heavy-use areas like kitchens and bathrooms, backsplashes help protect the backing wall behind countertops as they catch water and other liquid splash-ups.

Backsplashes are usually a couple of inches in height but can also go as high as the ceiling. How much backsplash you want is entirely up to the homeowner. Backsplashes are typically made with tile but can also consist of different materials.

Many homeowners use backsplashes to add a decorative accent to their bathroom. It’s a good use of colorful tile, different from the rest of the tile, that adds a bit of detail and depth to your bathroom remodel.

Work With An Experienced Sarasota, FL Bathroom
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Now that you know the correct terminology, it’s time to start your Sarasota, FL, bathroom remodel! Bathroom DIY projects may seem tempting, but with projects of this caliber, it’s best to trust the pros.

At Gilbert Design-Build, we have over twenty years of experience in the bathroom remodeling industry, making us one of the best design-build companies in the country. With an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, Sarasota customers have relied on us for consistent excellent bathroom remodeling results.

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