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Uncovering The Truth Behind Which Of
These Popular Options Is Best

Many Sarasota, FL homeowners have to make a difficult decision when it comes time to replace the countertops in their kitchen or bathroom. Deciding which material is right for your new countertops is critical to your satisfaction.

Natural stone is a wonderful choice when it comes to countertops. Natural stone has a beauty that is hard to replicate, and its durability is why it has been a popular option for many kitchen and bathroom remodels.

That said, granite and marble are two of the most common natural stone options. While both are natural stones, they are different in many ways – so it is crucial that you understand the pros and cons of each.

Read on to learn the drawbacks and benefits to discover which type of natural stone will win the battle during your Sarasota, FL remodel!

The Pros Of Granite 

Granite countertops are a beautiful option for many Sarasota, FL homeowners. Using granite for your countertops offers several major benefits, including:

  • Numerous colors and styles to choose from to get the look you want in your home
  • Less expensive when compared to marble
  • High level of durability
  • Low maintenance
  • Resists heat
  • It does not emit radon gas

The Cons Of Granite 

While there are several benefits to using granite countertops in your Sarasota, FL home, there are also some drawbacks to granite to consider. These drawbacks are:

  • Granite can stain easily
  • Etching can also happen if the surface is not protected while cutting
  • Each piece of granite has variations in style, which might bother some people who see minor discrepancies
  • If heavy objects were to fall on the edges of the countertop, the granite could easily break
  • Granite feels rougher to the touch when compared to marble
  • Granite is not likely to increase the resale value of your home

The Pros Of Marble 

Many Sarasota, FL homeowners consider marble a step up when they compare it to other countertop materials. The benefits of using marble for your countertops include:

  • Tons of color and design options to get the look you want
  • Vein patterns in marble are softer, creating an elegant look
  • Heat resistant
  • Provides a very smooth and even feel for your countertop
  • It does not emit radon gas

The Cons Of Marble 

While the benefits of marble for many homeowners in Sarasota, FL, outweigh the drawbacks, it is essential to know exactly what you are getting when you choose it for your countertops. Some of the drawbacks of marble are:

  • More expensive than granite
  • A lower level of durability compared to granite
  • High maintenance
  • Increased chance of staining and etching
  • Each piece of marble is going to have slight variations in it
  • Installing marble does not increase your home resale value much

Selecting The Countertop Material That Is Best For
Your Home

Now that you have a basic understanding of the pros and cons of marble and granite, which will be the choice for your Sarasota, FL home? Both options will be great for your kitchen or bathroom remodel, but understanding your needs and the desired look is key to making the right choice.

The primary deciding factors for many homeowners are the cost, durability, and maintenance of the two materials. So, let’s take a closer look at each of these features.

Cost Of Granite Versus Marble 

Hands down, granite is going to be the less expensive option when compared to marble.

On average, granite counters range in cost from $40 to $80 per square foot. On the other hand, marble will cost anywhere from $60 to $100 per square foot.

If you have a 30 sq foot counter, you will pay anywhere from $1000 to $1500 for a granite countertop. However, with the same dimensions in marble, you could pay anywhere from $1800 to $3000.

As you can see, when it comes to cost, granite is the clear-cut winner!

Durability Comparison 

While both granite and marble are natural stones, the durability of each is much different. Marble, for the most part, is made from calcite which is considered a very porous and soft mineral.

The durability of granite depends upon the color, so certain looks will perform better than others. For example, granite that is dark in color is considered nonporous and impervious to staining.

Light-colored granite is considered dolomite which is much easier to stain and scratch, much similar to the state of marble.

Despite the performance of lighter colors, in terms of durability, granite is considered the best choice over marble for countertops.


Marble and granite will both need to be sealed and properly maintained. However, most people agree that granite is the lower maintenance option of the two.

Granite countertops are sealed after installation, which allows water to bead up on the surface. It would be best to reseal the granite when the water stops beading on the stone.

Marble is sealed with a sealer for porous stone. However, you will discover that acidic spills can etch the stone despite being sealed. Resealing the stone happens once a quarter in most cases.

Both types of countertops will need to be cleaned with a PH-neutral cleanser to avoid etching and removing the sealer that has been applied.

With either stone, you will want to ensure you have a cutting board in place while preparing food on the countertop in your kitchen to avoid accidents. In addition, whenever there is a spill, it needs to be cleaned up immediately to prevent staining.

In the maintenance column, both marble and granite have pros and cons. However, granite is often the winner for maintenance with a yearly sealer rather than a quarterly sealer.

Free Consultations From Gilbert Design Build 

Would you prefer granite or marble countertops in your home? Either option will leave you with a beautiful counter. However, if you are looking for a lower-maintenance and more durable material — granite is the best option.

For those who are ready to take their countertops to the next level in their Sarasota, FL home, Gilbert Design Build is here to help. We offer free consultations on your bathroom or kitchen remodel, so contact us today at 941-757-3395.