Core Values


Our Core Values Begin With Honor And End With Family

One of the main aspects that separates a successful Greater Sarasota, Florida remodeling company from those that fold within five years is a foundation of guiding principles. Without such a guide, there is little to fall back on when trouble comes calling; and trouble is always just around the corner.

The trick is to know where that corner is and where you are and never make the turn. That is where holding to a set of Core Values comes in, as you will always know where you stand (and where that corner is, too).


Sadly, an antiquated word in today’s world, honor is not often considered but remains essential for a well-run business. So we hold to the ideal of honor in everything we do. From bills due to promises made, we always do what we believe is the Right Thing.

Honor also guides us in all our dealings with our clients. We refuse to use high-pressure sales tactics, nor will we ever run from or try to hide a problem with a build. Instead, if something goes awry, we take care of it without complaint and entirely on our dime.


We aren’t here to offer pre-packaged remodels and cookie cutter designs. We put our best efforts into every build, creating a fresh custom design for each client, and refuse to allow sub-standard materials into our designs just to lower our bid.

Our job is to take your dreams and make them reality. In fact, if your dream includes a feature that does not exist, we will create it ourselves. And once complete, we fully expect our design-build projects to last a generation or longer.


While beauty is stated as being only skin deep, we disagree. Beauty, to us, is embedded in every step of the process. From the way we welcome every client into our Gilbert Design Build family to the way we collaborate with them to get to the final design, beauty is always part of the process.

This concept also rules all of our designs. No matter how small the project, we weave aesthetic charm into them all and use our expertise and vision to blend function with beauty in all we do.


While trends come and go, the desire for clean lines and ease of use never leaves the remodeling industry. We pay close attention to new technologies and techniques within our industry and are always ready to incorporate the ones that work into our designs.

We understand that the builders of today would be unrecognizable to the builders of even 50 years ago and that change is constant. That’s why we are always looking for better ideas, stronger materials, and new ways of using familiar products.

In fact, when we come across a need that has no answer among the available products, we make it happen anyway, even if we have to manufacture it ourselves.


The ultimate purpose of any business is to provide a living for its employees. Not a lot of companies agree with us on that, but it remains true. With that in mind, we not only pay many of our workers above industry scale, we also make sure they have the time to enjoy the families that they work so hard to keep safe and happy.

We believe in a good quality of life for everyone, not just those at the top. So, we make sure that we do our part to protect and help our workers as we all navigate through this life. High pay and an amazing benefits package are just the beginning.

We also ensure that we keep a sense of family in our company through mandatory Friday meetings, where we recognize notable efforts and simply get to see each other’s faces. With our work spread throughout the Greater Sarasota area, it can be easy to lose that feeling of family if you aren’t careful.

We at Gilbert Design Build hold to these five virtues every day and in every decision we make. We believe they have made our success possible and are the best way to ensure that every client is treated to a home remodeling experience beyond their expectations.

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