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Get A New Home Without The
Inconvenience Of Moving

One of the main reasons Sarasota homeowners move away isn’t about their neighborhood. Often, it’s because your lifestyle no longer fits your home. Luckily, moving away from your friends and neighbors is no longer necessary.

Whole-Home Remodeling lets you get the change you’ve been craving without the pain and trouble of actually moving. With our ability to completely alter the look of your home, inside and out, only the view will convince you that you’re standing in the same house.

Whole-home remodels are one of our favorite project types because we can fulfill your every dream while making the reality even better than you expected.

The Possibilities Are Endless
In A Whole-Home Remodel

The only thing limiting what we can do during a whole-home remodel is your imagination. Here are just a few ways that we can make your entire home new again.

Flip The Floorplan

The flow of your home may have made sense when it was full of tiny feet, but now it just feels empty. We can take your old floorplan, toss it out the window, and create a new one that better suits your new stage in life.

We can combine unused rooms into one large space to create a new home office. Or we can rearrange the walls to make the rooms you do use larger and give you extra space to create a more dramatic look.

We can even create a full suite using CAPS-certified universal design to grant privacy to both you and the relative you’ve taken in while they age in place.

Become An Entertainment Legend

When certain rooms become unnecessary and your social life becomes more active, turn those rooms into an open setting for the ultimate entertainment space. Help us design your dream setup, with a gorgeous bar, ample seating, and a home theater off to the side.

Whatever your entertainment priorities, we can work with you to design an area so perfect that you may never want to leave again.

Open Up Everything

Despite what homeowners may think, almost any wall can be removed or replaced with just a few columns to create an open floor plan for you to enjoy. Prepare food without having to leave your guests behind or enjoy taking in the view beyond your new deck as you enter your front door.

Open floor plans are hugely popular, so not only will the change add beauty to your life, it’ll pay dividends if you ever decide to sell.

A Design-Build Process Centered
Around You At Every Step

We’ve learned that the best way to give clients what they want is to listen to them throughout the design process. We take the time to learn what you want to accomplish with your whole home remodel and why it’s important to you.

Maybe your nest has emptied, and it’s time for a home more suited to a couple and the friends they plan to entertain.

Maybe you’re moving a parent into your home and want them to have a suite of their own?

Or maybe it’s time to indulge your lifelong dreams and create the home you’ve always wanted.

Whatever your reason – Gilbert Design-Build can make it happen.

Every Kitchen Deserves To Be Stunning

Big or small, extensive or cozy, you deserve to have a kitchen you can be proud to show off to your friends. Here are a handful of examples of our past work.

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Creating Your Home’s New Look

Remodeling your whole home can seem like a huge task – and it is. But our design experts are great at discovering the results you want to see and helping you to help us get it right. Here are a handful of articles to get you started on your dream home renovation.

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