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The Best Way To Work With Changed Mobility Is
Is To Shape Your Home Around Your Needs

Mobility issues factor in the lives of many Sarasota homeowners and can turn their homes into virtual prisons. And the standard solutions for aging in place rarely add beauty to your home.

Our owner, Ernest Gilbert, decided to become a Certified Aging in Place Specialist so he could better serve the community. His CAPS certification keeps us at Gilbert Design-Build abreast of the latest technologies and standards.

We know how to properly remove interior obstacles while making your home look like it was built that way from the start.

Removing Mobility Obstacles With Style

Two of the most common mobility issues we encounter in our CAPS-based home remodels are accommodating wheelchairs and limiting slip and fall dangers. Here are a few ways we can make your home safer as your mobility changes.

Widening Doorways – And More

Homes built before the Americans with Disabilities Act became law back in 1990 are rarely wheelchair friendly. So, when we take on a project with universal design as the main reason for the remodel, there are several things we must consider. Here are a handful of the obstacles we must consider.

  • Are the doorways wide enough to pass a wheelchair?
  • Is there enough room at the corners to allow a wheelchair to turn?
  • Does the flooring transition smoothly, or are there points where a wheelchair could get stuck?
  • Is there a way to make access to countertops easier for the wheelchair-bound?

Sometimes, widening a doorway isn’t enough to make a room accessible. Some companies might recommend removing the door – but that’s just not good enough for our clients.

One solution we use is to replace swinging doors with pocket doors. For tight hallways where turning into a room is difficult, we can create a niche opposite the doorway to create the needed space.

Each solution we discuss with the homeowner is designed to aid movement while retaining or even increasing the beauty of their home.

Opening Space Beneath Counters

If you’ve ever spent time in a wheelchair, you’ll know that countertops are especially frustrating to use. You either have to turn your chair sideways from your work or make do with a lap desk or table located elsewhere – but that’s not an option in your bathroom.

With our skill with custom designs and manufacturing, we can remove base cabinets and move plumbing out of the way so you can wheel right up to the sink or counter with ease – all while creating a look that is pleasing to the eye.

We can also create new counter space where needed to allow you to work comfortably in any room in your home. All you need to do is tell us what you want, and we’ll work with you to find a functional and elegant solution.

Handrails And Secure Surfaces

Falls can be serious business in our golden years, and features in your home that you never thought about can become serious health risks as you age.

Handrails are a popular solution for combatting balance issues. While standard handrails can make your house look more like a hospital than a home, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Handrails come in many styles and may even be custom-made to blend with the look of your home. Carefully selected wall patterns mixed with the right hardware can make handrails virtually disappear, giving you the safety you need and the look you desire.

There are also fantastic options for replacing those slippery tiles on your bathroom or kitchen floor with durable, non-slip vinyl planking that looks amazing and lasts for decades.

One of the best uses for non-slip surfaces is in a new walk-in shower. Not only is a low-threshold shower safer, they are wildly popular and will add value to your home.

The days of being forced to live with ugly hardware to ease movement through your home are long over.

See What You’re Getting Before It Gets There
And Have A Voice In What We Do

Our design process puts you at the helm. We take the time to understand what needs to be done to move freely about your home and retain as much independence as possible. We’ve been at this for over 20+ years and keep ourselves informed of any new developments in the field.

Once we know what you need and want, we will start designing the perfect answer to your desires. Sometimes, we know about solutions that you’d never dream were possible. Our goal is always the same – to make your life at home easier.

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Safety Updates Can Be Beautiful

With our CAPS certification, we know how to help you stay safe, and with our design skills – it will look amazing.

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Make Aging In Place Right For You

While a big part of deciding to age in place is between you, your doctor, and your family, another factor is how well your home fits your new reality. Here are a few hints to help you navigate the world of universal design.

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