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Mobility issues can turn your home into a prison in a hurry and fixing that problem requires special knowledge. That’s why our owner, Ernest Gilbert, has gone to the trouble to become CAPS certified, making him a Certified Aging in Place Specialist. That means that we stay informed on the latest technologies and standards for accommodating various mobility issues be they from age, accident, or wounds sustained in battle.

We pride ourselves on making the necessary changes to adapt your home to your reality without ruining its visual appeal. There are many ways to blend support rails and grab bars into your decor, and we know them all.

We can remove obstacles and widen walkways while making your home look like it was built that way from the start. And all while preserving your amount of storage space. Modifying your space for aging in place shouldn’t mean sacrificing the beauty of your home.

See What You’re Getting Before It Gets There
And Have A Voice In What We Do

Our design process puts you at the helm. We take the time to understand what needs to be done to move freely about your home and retain as much independence as possible. We’ve been at this for over 20+ years and make sure that we are aware of new developments in the field.

Once we have a full sense of what you need and want, we can start designing the perfect answer to your desires. Sometimes, we know about solutions that you’d never dream were possible. Whatever we can do to make your life at home easier, we will do it…


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