Everything Is Done Under One Roof


Every Step Of Your Project Is Planned Under One Roof

The professionals at Gilbert Design Build have experienced almost every possible project setting during their lengthy careers. From separate companies for every step of the build to dueling contractors with overlapping responsibilities and everything in between.

The one thing almost none had experienced until we set up shop here in Greater Sarasota, FL, was everyone working under the same masthead.

Bad Communication = Bad Results

When different companies run each step, or multiple steps, of a home remodeling project, you are bound to run into problems. You’ll have competing priorities, differing philosophies, and multiple egos muddying the water constantly.

No one will talk to anyone else or, even if they are inclined, the effort required to find out who to talk to can be daunting. So, even the proactive give up after a while and leave everything to get sorted out at the worksite, which is the exact wrong place to sort out anything.

As you can imagine, this makes for a bad experience for all involved, especially the client.

A Better Way

We each dreamed of a day when everything ran smoothly and concluded that the only way to make that happen was for everyone involved to be heading in the same direction, with the same core values and the same policies. In other words, everyone needed to be answerable to the same people. And we were right.

One Source For Everything

When you engage us to design and build your home remodeling project, you know that your new kitchen or dream media room won’t be handed off to some stranger down the road. You know who to hold accountable every step of the way, and so do we.

When you call with a question, the person with the answer is guaranteed to be in the same building you called. So, when you have an issue, you know exactly who to contact to get it resolved. It’s a thing of beauty, and our clients couldn’t be happier.

Stopping Problems In Their Tracks

Most design-build problems happen long before the first truck pulls up to the worksite. Either something wasn’t ordered, or the wrong something was, or the designer and the architect and engineers were on different tracks. Virtually every home remodeling mishap can be traced to a lack of communication.

With everyone working under the same roof, miscues get caught in their infancy before orders are created and blueprints approved. And it has allowed us to build double and triple-checks into our process and sort out issues before the first nail reaches the job site.

Being under a single company name here in Greater Sarasota has made everything easier, quicker, and more accurate. Our control of the process allows us to give our Greater Sarasota area home remodeling clients a Pleasant, Positive, and Professional experience every single time.

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