The Three P’s


A Pleasant, Positive, And Professional Experience

Our overall goal at Gilbert Design Build is to make the design-build process a Pleasant, Positive, and Professional experience for every client. We want you to miss us when we leave and smile when you look back on all the steps you went through to complete your home remodeling project in your Greater Sarasota, FL home. If you are relieved to see us go, then we have failed to meet our goal.


Too often, those who have their Greater Sarasota area home remodeled find the experience less than pleasant. We make it our job to ensure that the process is enjoyable from beginning to end.

We start by including our clients in the design process; after all, it’s their dream we are working to bring to life. We continue by double-checking each step and every measurement to ensure that we are not setting ourselves up for trouble down the road.

As the project progresses, we keep our clients informed of each completed step and any changes that may have occurred. We find that being informed is the clearest path to a pleasant journey.


We have developed a smooth process that moves quickly toward completion without unnecessary bumps along the way. If hiccups do occur, we make our clients aware as soon as possible, removing the possibility of an unhappy surprise.

One surprise our clients will never experience is a changed quote. When we research a home remodeling project, we are as thorough as possible. So, when we give a final proposal, that number is for the whole project from start to finish.

We also make sure to know our clients’ goals, so our designs reflect not only their taste but also their desires. We see no purpose in a beautiful space that can’t be used. Each decision is geared toward that goal, and the result is always a wonder to behold.


One of the key parts of making the experience of creating a new bathroom or media room pleasant is the actions and words of the people involved. Our staff members are all trained in their craft as well as the best way to interact with our clients.

Our builders and craftsmen know their trade like few others and are always aware that they are not working at their job site but in your home. Their vans are always clean, the worksite tidy, and themselves well-groomed. And all know to treat each client with respect and kindness. We refuse to hire anyone we wouldn’t willingly send to work on our own mother’s home.

Our efforts have paid off and have produced one of the most popular and respected design-build companies in the nation, even though we only operate locally here in the Greater Sarasota area. Those who hire us know that they are in for an amazing remodel and, of course, a Pleasant, Positive, and Professional experience.

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