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It’s easy for a remodeling company to get into a rut. Even a design-build remodeler like Gilbert Design Build can get too comfortable with how they do things here in the Greater Sarasota area if they aren’t careful. The urge to stick with what works today can be strong unless you instill a culture of innovative thought into your workforce. That’s why we reward thinking out of the box and relish the builds that challenge our skills.

If We Can’t Find It, We Make It

Now and again, we will come across a need for which no answer exists. This is most common when remodeling a client’s space into a new media center or home theater. They will have media equipment or a need that no available cabinet will fit, and it is left to us to find a solution.

We’ve found that the best solution is to custom manufacture a cabinet that fits the need. We’ve gotten so good at cabinet making that custom manufacturing will soon be its own product line and offered as a stand-alone service to all residents of the Greater Sarasota area.

Making Universal Design Beautiful

Let’s face it, most options for accommodating the needs of those aging in place are less than pleasing to the eyes. Unfortunately, most remodelers accept this as fact and just place the necessary products as securely as possible without consideration for design. We refuse to accept that answer.

We strive to incorporate Universal Design needs into the style of the client’s home. For example, if areas need more room for maneuvering, we make sure that the changes are as seamless as possible.

And there is no reason for support structures like handrails to be unsightly. It’s possible to install items that are both strong and beautiful. It just takes planning and some time. We consider the result worth the extra effort.

We Embrace Change

We watch the remodeling industry closely and are always looking for better ideas and new products. If a new technique or material comes along that will allow us to be better at our jobs or deliver more value to our clients, we adapt it in a hurry. We know that the old way is only the right way until something superior comes along.

We feel it’s our duty to enrich the lives of our Greater Sarasota, FL, customers through not only the result of our efforts but the design-build process itself. So we keep them updated on new possibilities and are always watching for new ideas and technology that can help us achieve that goal.

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