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Every Quote Is Chiseled In Stone

One of the worst experiences a Greater Sarasota area homeowner can have is when a home remodeling quote changes halfway through the project. They feel trapped and unable to decline since the work is already underway. We find such tactics unethical and never employ them.

What We Say Is What You Pay

We pursue an extensive interview process at the beginning of each potential home remodeling project. We make sure that we know exactly what you want, why you want it, how it fits the space you’ve picked, and what products will be used—all before we hand you a quote.

We are this thorough before we ask you to sign for two reasons:

  1. We want to ensure you get exactly what you need and want.
  2. When we create the quote, it absolutely will not change. Ever.

If we missed something, well, that’s on us. Now, if you make a change, say in product or design, then we have no choice but to revisit the quote, but we will never alter a quote on our own.

You Will Never Pay For Our Mistakes

If the wrong material gets installed, or the right material gets installed poorly, that is not your responsibility. Say the wrong brand of tile was used in your new bathroom, or your refrigerator doesn’t quite fit in your new kitchen. We will redo the installation on our dime every time. This is, of course, a rare occurrence, but if it does happen, we will take care of you before we think to check our bottom line.

You Will Never Pay For Our Changing Costs

The general public has now become aware that lumber is a commodity and subject to commodity pricing fluctuations. Usually, this is a non-issue for remodeling companies, but recent fluctuations have been dramatic.

We want you to know that bounces in our costs will never be added to your quote after it has been set. Even when our costs doubled, we honored every quote set on the original estimate. In the end, it simply isn’t your problem to solve.

It Comes Down To Ethics

It has always been our policy to treat you as we would want to be treated. It shows in the care we take to get our designs right. It shows in the way we make sure that our work is always done as neatly as possible during the day. And it shows in just about everything we do.

It also shows in our refusal to alter our quotes after the fact. Our quotes are a promise, and we wouldn’t want someone breaking a promise with us, so we refuse to break ours with you.

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