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Constant Communication Breeds
Trust And Understanding

When you hear some bad news days after the fact, which makes you more upset: The bad news, or the fact that you weren’t told immediately? Most will admit that the bigger sting comes from the delay in being told. The same is true in the world of home remodeling.

It’s All About You

From the moment you first contact us, we start a file used to track every interaction with our Greater Sarasota, FL, clients. We log every contact, every issue, and every resolution so that anyone in our office can tell what has been handled, who handled it, and precisely where your project stands.

Our process has been designed to ensure that no circumstance will catch you unaware. You will know what we know when we know it, without fail. And if you have a question about your new interior or some new aspect of Universal Design, one call will get you your answer every time.

We Don’t Just Keep You Informed – We Listen, Too

One of the chief client complaints in the Greater Sarasota home remodeling industry is the sense that they aren’t being heard. Few things are more frustrating than being half ignored and have someone respond to what they expected you to say rather than what you said.

Our employees, especially those who work closely with our clients in the design stage, know how to truly listen to your words rather than assuming what is about to be said. They also know to confirm what they heard to make sure that they understand your point or concern.

Design Is About More Than Looks

In the beginning phases of design, we seek to learn what you are trying to accomplish with your remodeled space. We ask you about your goals, who will be using the new space, and even why the old space fails to live up to your needs.

Sometimes, our clients are unaware of the possibilities available to them, and a deeper understanding of their goals lets us design a space that will perform beyond their wildest dreams.

A Little Notice Goes A Long Way

We make an effort to have every project be as seamless as possible, but no home remodel goes perfectly. There are just too many moving parts, from our suppliers to the trucks and ships that bring them their supplies; there are a million ways to suffer a hiccup in even the most carefully laid plans.

But, with proper communication, we can usually work around those hiccups. Even when we encounter an unavoidable delay, our clients are well aware of the developments and can plan accordingly, and that’s why we never hide bad news from our clients.

We know that surprises are the last thing anyone wants to encounter when creating a new kitchen or media room, so we work hard to ensure that our clients always know what we know and without delay.

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