Universal Design Process

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Make Your Home Adapt To You

The Universal Design Design-Build Process That Considers All Your Needs

At Gilbert Design-Build, we have been helping our clients mold their homes around their mobility issues for decades. The owner of our company is even CAPS certified which means we have a deep understanding of the needs of those whose mobility has been reduced.

We work with those aging in place as well as those harmed in an accident or who were wounded in battle. We understand how best to accommodate a wheelchair in the home for ease of access while keeping the beauty of your home intact. And for those who need extra handrails in their home, we know how to make them less obvious, too.

Step One: Let’s Meet!
We meet you at our 2000 sq ft showroom to discuss your needs and develop ideas to make moving in your home easier and safer. We spend time learning what needs must be met and your vision, goals and proposed budget to ensure we are a good fit for your project.
Step Two: Complimentary Home Visit.
We come to you to look at your home, discuss your goals and the budget you have in mind. We will share our ideas based on our experience with making aging in place a safer choice. If we both agree to move ahead, we will set the appointment for the next step.
Step Three: Design Selection.
We will meet again in the showroom and present you with a 3D rendering and concepts of the safety and ease of access improvements in your home. Then we get to the best part; when you get to pick out individual products and colors to finalize the look of the changes.
Step Four: The Construction Agreement.
After the designs have been approved, you are presented with the construction agreement listing the specifics of your Universal Design project. This is the stage where paperwork is completed, signatures are received, and the plan is finalized with an estimated start date.
Step Five: Pre-Start Meeting.
About a week before we start to build, your Project Manager and lead carpenter meet with you in your home to go over the details of your remodel one more time. Once we have verified that everything is correct, we will discuss the installation process and what you can expect.
Step Six: Enjoy!
We clean everything until it looks like we were never there. Then, we take you on a tour of the finished work to ensure that everything works as expected and that you are happy with our work.

Our process has served to make life easier for our clients in the Greater Sarasota area while maintaining the look of their homes. The multiple checks built into our process stops mistakes before they can cause a delay, and our focus on your wishes ensures that the end result works as expected, if not better.

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