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Stunning Custom Home Remodeling For Whitfield Homeowners

Unbelievable Results Combined With Amazing Customer Service

Most residents of Whitfield know what beauty is because we are surrounded by it at all times. While we can drive along and see beautiful home after beautiful home, there’s a chance that the folks living inside are more than a little tired of seeing the same walls day after day.

That’s where home remodeling and, specifically, Gilbert Design Build comes in. We’ve been in this business, right here in Florida, for over 20 years, and we know how to make a home show its true self.

Truly Unique Designs Can Be Hard To Find

We’re sure you’ve seen the tendency over the last decade for custom home remodels not to look, well, custom. Well, we have a secret weapon to keep us from becoming just another cookie-cutter “custom” home remodeling contractor. That weapon is…YOU!

We collaborate with you on the design phase of your project and, in fact, put you in charge of ok-ing the final draft. If you aren’t happy, we start over. The joy of working closely with our clients in the design phase has the bonus effect of keeping our designs fresh as each remodel is treated to a fresh pair of eyes.

Do You Wish Home Remodeling In Whitfield Could Be More Fun?

Home remodeling is often considered something you just have to get through to reach the prize, but not so with us! Part of what can make home remodeling so unpleasant is the uncertainty so many experience when dealing with multiple contractors.

But with Gilbert Design Build, you deal with only us from beginning to end, and we make sure you are involved in every step. It’s hard to feel uncertain when you are in on everything. With us, the worst you’ll experience is anticipation for the big reveal!

But don’t just take our word for it; see what our past clients have to say.

With Gilbert Design Build You Know You Are Getting The Best In The Business

Aside from our many local and national awards and our A+ rating from the BBB, the team at Gilbert Design Build also lives by a set of rock-solid principles. These principles have guided us to the level of success we now enjoy, and we have no intention of abandoning what has worked so well for so long.

Our Customer-Centric Policies

Core Values

If you know yourself, you can pass any obstacle. We know exactly who we are and, more importantly, why.


Every decision-maker on your project works under our masthead and is answerable to your project manager.

Fixed Prices

Once you’ve signed, your quote is locked in place, and it covers every bit of expected labor and material down to the last nail. No hidden fees and no nasty mid-job surprise bills.


We expect to provide every client with a Pleasant, Positive, and Professional experience from the day their design is first discussed to the final cleanup at the end.


We stay in constant contact with you throughout the process. Anything we learn, you are being told minutes later. You will never be left wondering what is going on.


Nothing feels better than proving a naysayer wrong. If you tell us it’s what you need, we’ll find a way to make it happen.

Do You Want A Say In Designing Your Custom Remodeling Project?

We Offer The Following Services To Whitfield Homeowners

Kitchen Remodeling

Reface, refinish, or replace; it’s up to you. Want a complete change? Then we’ll start from scratch.

Bathroom Remodeling

There are few limits on what you can do. More comfortable, easier access, or just plain luxury, we give you what you want.

Interior Design And Remodeling

Those underused spaces in your home can become your new favorite spot to relax.

Universal Design

Let our CAPS-Certified experts tame your home while blending all the accessibility changes seamlessly with the rest of your decor.

Whole-Home Remodels

Tired of the same old same old? Reimagine your home into a completely different place that better fits your new lifestyle.

Small Project Services

If you have a floor to put in or want to spruce up a tired-looking staircase, we can take care of that for you without making you pay for an entire team of experts.

Custom Manufacturing

You dream it; we’ll build it. Our custom work is some of the best you will ever see.

Are You Ready To Make Your Home New Again?

If you are interested in changing the look of your Whitfield home, contact us at Gilbert Design Build today to schedule a consultation.