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All Our Home Remodeling Projects Focus
On Customer Care

When it comes to home remodeling in University Park, FL, we know how hard it can be to find a trustworthy company. Contractors are known for being undependable, slow, and lazy, making homeowners cringe when it comes time for their home remodeling projects.

You won’t find any of that unprofessional behavior at Gilbert Design-Build because we always put customer satisfaction first. Call us old-fashioned, but we can’t, in good conscience, mistreat our customers. You’ll only find the utmost respect from our employees throughout the process.

So, how have we managed to keep our valued University Park, FL customers happy for over 20 years? With time-tested methods, rigorous attention to detail, and unmatched quality.

We Do It All Under One Roof

Many other contracting companies outsource work to independent carpenters, painters, and welders – complicating the process for everyone involved. We feel that the more outside sources get involved, the clumsier the project becomes.

Instead, we do all of our work under one roof, ensuring everyone is on the same page from start to finish. This helps simplify an already multi-faceted situation. By keeping the whole process under one roof, we eliminate miscommunications that could lead to disaster.

Clear internal company communication stops problems in their tracks or even before they get a chance to start. Plus, with one source, you’ll know where everything is coming from and who to contact with questions or concerns.

You’ll Become Quite Familiar With Our Three P’s

At Gilbert Design-Build, we give every customer The Three ‘P’ treatment – a Pleasant, Positive, and Professional experience. The three ‘Ps’ are what we strive for during every project, enacting pleasantry, positivity, and professionalism the whole time.

To create The Three ‘P’ experience, we always include our customers and their opinions in our projects. This is your dream home, and we want to help you create it. Our pleasant employees treat customers with the utmost respect because they deserve it.

Not only do we stay positive, but we also infuse our customers with excitement – it just can’t be helped! Plus, it’s easy for customers to see how easy our professionalism adds to their overall positive experience. When working with great people, keeping a smile on your face is easy.

We’ve Perfected The Art Of The Home Remodeling Process

Some other contractors start to fumble when starting their projects because they’ve failed to establish a firm and effective process. Without a clear outline of how your project will go, things are prone to fall through the cracks.

We avoid these mishaps by simplifying our process into six easy steps.

1. The Meet

This is where we’ll meet in our showroom and discuss your project while you get a chance to get a feel for our company.

2. Complimentary Home Visit

A consultant will visit your home, see the space in person, review goals, and discuss time and budget after the meeting.

3. Design Selection

Here is where you get to let your creativity fly by choosing the designs and layouts you want.

4. Construction Agreement

During this step, you review the final plans, costs, and schedule before signing.

5. Pre-Start Meeting

Your construction manager will come by a week before starting to discuss home access, work times, and expectations.

6. Enjoy Your New Home

The last step….enjoying your final product!

We’re Always Looking Towards The Future

At Gilbert Design-Build, we’re always looking ahead, searching for the latest advances in the home remodeling industry. To stay on top of our game as a leading design-build company, constantly seeking out innovation is essential.

Some home remodeling companies are stuck in their old ways, failing to change with the times. Unlike those companies, we love change and growth. It helps us expand the possibilities of our company and keep our customers in the know.

Additionally, we’re here to help you change, so when the time comes for home upgrades and updates, we’ve got your back. We understand that different periods of our life require different necessities, which is why we’re here to help ease you into the next stage comfortably.

Our Core Values Make Up Our Foundation

Over the years, we’ve understood the importance of working with solid core values. Other companies may say they follow their own but fail to show them when it comes down to it.

Our four core values, honor, excellence, beauty, innovation, and family, are the principles that guide us along, from customer interactions to manufacturer dealings. Our strong foundation makes our work ethics unshakable and leads to consistently satisfied customers.

You Can Trust Our University Park, FL Design-Build
Company To Do All Of Your Home Remodeling

For over 20 years, Gilbert Design-Build has worked hard to cultivate an ethical and reputable home remodeling business in University Park, FL. From universal designs to small projects, we pride ourselves on our years of success.

Whether you’re looking for a kitchen refinish or a full home remodel, now is the time to experience our company for yourself!

Call us today for a free consultation and start planning the home of your dreams!