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Top Tier Kitchen Remodeling In Siesta Key, FL

Take Your Kitchen From Dreary To Fabulous

Is using your kitchen inconvenient? Does it feel like you have to walk a mile to get from the stove to the fridge? It’s time for a kitchen remodel to make your kitchen spectacular. There’s only one place to turn to in Siesta Key – Gilbert Design Build, the company that will customize your kitchen to make your dream a reality.

We’ll take the time to learn about what you like, what you don’t like, the things you really want gone forever, and what will bring joy to your life when you use your new kitchen. After all, this kitchen remodel is all about you. We aim to ensure you have the kitchen you have always wanted, and nothing less will be sufficient.

A Remodeling Process Designed Around You

Our kitchen remodeling process has several steps, and they’re all designed around you.

Meet And Greet

After we get some general information from you, we’re going to meet at our showroom so we can get to know you and discuss your remodeling goals. This is a great opportunity to see what we’re like as a company and if our process is something you’d like to incorporate into your remodel.

A Home Visit

Next, one of our design consultants will visit your home for a complimentary visit. At this time, you will discuss your overall project goals, examine the space to be remodeled, and discuss your budget. If both of you decide you’re a good fit, you’ll move on to the next phase.

Design Selection

At this stage, you’ll come back to our showroom, where your design consultant will have your initial plan ready to cover with you. Together, the two of you will make product and design selections. Drawing alterations will be made as needed for your requests.

The Agreement

After all plans and designs are agreed upon, reviewed, and approved, we will present you with the construction agreement containing the scope of work, product selections, and cost. Once the agreement is signed, we begin ordering materials and give you an estimated start date.

Pre-Start Meeting

Approximately one week before your project starts, we will meet with you, the construction manager, and the lead carpenter at your home. We will cover all project details, such as access, work time, and what you can expect.

Enjoy Your New Kitchen

The typical response we receive from our clients when their remodel is over is that they wish they had done it sooner. The final product is always worth going through the process, so sit back, relax, and enjoy your new space!

Embracing Change To Stay Ahead Of The Game

As the leader in kitchen remodeling in Siesta Key, we have to stay on top of advancements in the industry. When processes change, we make it a point to learn them to offer our customers the best results.

Sometimes we run across a situation where there is no simple answer. There’s just no part or product that will fit the need of what we need to be done. So, what do we do? We build what we need!

What We Quote You Is What You’ll Pay

Nothing is more frustrating than receiving a quote and then having the final price change for one reason or another. You’ve put your faith in that number you were given and planned your budget accordingly, and now your bill is full of extra fees and charges you weren’t expecting.

Here at Gilbert Design Build, we do things completely different than the competition. We mean what we say, and when we give a quote, that’s the price you’ll pay. It doesn’t matter if the prices of our products change or if we make a mistake. It’s not your problem to fix, so you won’t have to pay for it.

Are You Ready To Make Your Kitchen Look Fantastic Again?
Get A Custom-Built Kitchen To Make
Your Dreams Come True

Are you ready to transform your Siesta Key home’s kitchen into the space you’ve always wanted? Choose the company that will custom-build your kitchen to satisfy all of your hopes and dreams.

Here at Gilbert Design Build, we believe in taking care of our customers. We hire our talent specifically based on their kindness toward others and if they’re willing to go the extra mile. If we wouldn’t feel comfortable with them working in our own mom’s house, then they’re just not a good fit for our company — period.

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