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Do you enjoy a long soak in your tub after a stressful day, or does the thought of spending that much time in your bathroom make you cringe? If the second option sounds more like you, it’s time for a bathroom remodel. Rely on the Sarasota bathroom remodeling contractor that actually cares what you want and makes it a priority – call Gilbert Design Build!

We can eliminate everything you hate about your bathroom and install everything you need to bask in luxury. When it comes to your remodel, what you say goes. We’ll learn about what you want and why you want it, taking the chaos out of the project.

Pleasant, Positive, And Professional

We aim to please when it comes to bathroom remodels in Sarasota, FL. Our process stands out among the competition for being pleasant, positive, and professional.

Your remodeling experience should be pleasant from beginning to end. That’s why it’s so important to include you in every step of the process. We’re creating your bathroom, so you should decide what will happen with it.

The overall experience of remodeling with us is positive because there are no hidden surprises for you to worry about. For instance, we are extremely thorough when researching a bathroom remodeling project. When you receive your quote from us, it’s set in stone.

From Honor To Family, Our Core Values Shape
The Way We Operate

Here at Gilbert Design Build, we have established guiding principles shaping how we operate our business. All of our employees hold our core values close to heart, making judgments based on them.


Having honor is essential for a well-run business. That’s why we do the right thing at every turn. For example, on the rare occasion that we make a mistake during a bathroom remodeling project, we’ll fix it on our own dime.


We don’t do cookie-cutter remodels – we turn dreams into realities. You can’t do that with off-the-rack products. If we run into a problem where we need a specific piece that we can’t find, we’ll create it ourselves. Nothing will stand in our way of delivering your perfect bathroom.


We make beauty a part of every step in our remodeling process. Regardless of the size of the project, we weave beauty into every aspect of it.


To deliver the best results for our customers, we keep up with all the advancements that occur within the industry. Doing this keeps us at the top of our game, and we use everything we learn to find solutions to the most challenging problems.


We believe that one of the main purposes of a business is to provide an income for its employees to provide for their families. That’s why we ensure our employees receive an excellent wage and time to be with their families. Everyone in the company deserves a high quality of life, not just those at the top.

When You’ve Got More Than 20 Years Of Experience,
You Really Know Your Stuff

We have over 20 years of experience in the remodeling industry and we got this far by keeping our word – no matter how much we grew, we never bit off more than we could chew. Every project was always completed successfully, and every customer was always satisfied.

No detail is too small. It’s not just about the placement of your toilet – you want your house to be clean when we’re done working. In addition, we expect that our employees will keep themselves looking presentable and their work vans organized.

Are You Ready To Design The Luxury Bathroom Of Your
Dreams? Let The Bathroom Experts Handle Everything

Are you finally ready to say goodbye to that uncomfortable obstacle course you call a bathroom? Let the Sarasota bathroom remodeling experts at Gilbert Design Build handle everything!

We’ll keep an open line of communication with you throughout the entire project. You’ll never be wondering what the next step is or questioning anything because you’ll already know the answer.

Call us today at (941) 757-3395 to schedule your remodeling consultation.

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