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Breathtaking Custom Home Remodeling
For Greater Sarasota Homeowners

Wholly Original Designs Combined With Impeccable Customer Service

Greater Sarasota is a land of deep beauty, and it’s no wonder that it was that beauty and a clever marketer that created the first Snow Birds. For decades, it’s become the place that many of those northern birds settle down to roost for good. And with them came an amazing array of styles, some that may or may not sit well with new owners. That’s where we come in. Gilbert Design Build can take any portion of your home or the whole house and turn it into something new with grace and style.

Picking The Right Remodeling Company Can Feel Like A Roll Of The Dice

Unless you’re in the business, no homeowner is experienced in home remodeling on their first project. So how can you tell who’s good and who is, well, less so? The best advice we can give is to Do Your Research.

What you will find is that most Greater Sarasota, FL remodeling contractors fold within the first five years, so make sure the one you pick has been around for longer than that. Survival is a key indicator of success in this business.

You’ll also note that there are many complaints out there about surprise bills and hidden costs. You’ll want a home remodeling contractor that will give you the total cost of your project up front and before you sign.

Lastly, you’ll hear about homeowners being told one thing but getting another. Your ideal remodeling contractor will have a long track record of keeping their word no matter what it costs them.

If you find someone who fulfills all three of those conditions, then, chances are, you’ve found yourself a winner.

Did You Know That Remodeling Your Home Could Be Fun?

A lot of the stress in a home remodeling process comes from being on the outside looking in. You don’t know what is going on or why and you have no idea when it will be over. Well, that’s just not how we work.

You will be an equal collaborator in the design phase, picking not just the new look but every visible feature in your custom remodel. And as we move past the design and into the build phase, you will be updated constantly on its status.

From beginning to end, you will have a hand in what happens, which makes all the difference in the world. Instead of enduring a trying process for the sake of a good result, you’ll be a part of it and feel ownership of what you’ve helped to create.

But don’t just take our word for it; see what our past clients have to say.

With Gilbert Design Build, You Always Know What Is Coming

We have developed our process from our decades of experience in seeing what works and what fails. The main takeaway has been that a good experience relies on consistency, communication, and client participation. These are what drive our success and what we’ve shaped our policies to reflect.

Our Customer-Centric Policies

Core Values

Knowing who you are is essential to success. So we’ve gone and written it down so that we will never forget who we have become.


There is no end to the benefits of having all our decision-makers all working for the same team and answerable to one project manager.

Fixed Prices

When we assemble your quote, it will reflect every minute of labor and every piece of material involved in your project, down to the last wipe of a cloth. No hidden fees and no surprise bills.


A remodel should be a fun and exciting part of your life. That’s why we strive to give you a Pleasant, Positive, and Professional experience throughout your project.


Nothing builds confidence like being informed. We make sure you are aware of every step before they begin and after they finish.


We enjoy a challenge and have learned that “It can’t be done,” is just a dare. And it’s one we always win.

Do You Want A Say In Designing Your Custom Remodeling Project?

We Offer The Following Services For Greater Sarasota Homeowner

Kitchen Remodeling

We will refinish, reface, or replace your kitchen features. We can also start from scratch and redesign the entire space for better flow.

Bathroom Remodeling

Create an oasis or simply bring your bathroom into the current century. It’s all up to you.

Interior Design And Remodeling

Become the go-to home for entertaining. We have amazing ideas for your unused spaces.

Universal Design

Make your home adjust to your new mobility level without sacrificing style or beauty.

Whole-Home Remodels

Why move when you can just reimagine your entire home?

Small Project Services

Get help with those small projects that still require an expert level of skill to finish properly.

Custom Manufacturing

We never accept that something can’t be done. That just means we haven’t yet tried to do it ourselves.

Is It Time To Let Your Home Truly Shine?

If you are ready to turn the interior of your Greater Sarasota home from the familiar to the fantastic, contact us at Gilbert Design Build today to schedule a consultation.