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Gorgeous Custom Home Remodeling For Parrish Homeowners

We Obsess Over Every Detail While Making You Feel Like Family

Things move at a different pace in Parrish, FL, but that doesn’t mean you have to wait to get a custom home remodel from Gilbert Design Build. We stand ready to take your tired-looking kitchen, bathroom, or interior space and turn it into a modern masterpiece.

Choosing The Right Design-Build Home Remodeling Contractor Can Be Scary

Everyone wants to find the perfect Parrish home remodeling company, but not everyone knows which questions to ask. Well, we’re happy to help in that department. There are a ton of remodeling companies out there but few with proven track records as reliable builders of quality projects. The company you want is one that can say yes to each of the following questions:

  • Have you been in business for at least five years? – Most home service contractors fold within the first five years, usually because their shoddy work is catching up with them. A company that makes it past the five-year threshold probably knows what they are doing.
  • Are all the major decision-makers under your direct employ? – many contractors subcontract much of your project, which causes poor communication between the folks in charge of different aspects of the build. But when all the major players work under the same masthead, you don’t have that problem, and information flows smoothly from step to step.
  • Are you licensed and insured? – We can’t stress enough how important this is to protect your remodel. Unlicensed installers can void warranties and set you up for liability claims if something happens. And if your contractor is uninsured, any claim you make would most likely go unpaid.

At Gilbert Design Build, we have over 20 years of experience as a fully licensed and insured custom home remodeling business. All of our decision-makers work for us, and they all report to your project manager for a perfect information flow on every project.

Looking For A Headache-Free Home Remodeling Experience?

You’ve probably heard some serious horror stories from your friends about their home remodel, and maybe you’re a little nervous about starting your own remodeling project? Well, let us put that worry to rest.

We have taken our decades of experience and created a design-build process that caters to our client’s needs from the first day to the last. We involve you in a collaborative process to make sure the design fits your needs, desires, tastes, and proposed budget. We advise you, but at no time are we trying to steer you toward a particular product.

On build day, you will already know exactly what will happen and when it will be finished. The work area will be kept neat at all times, and every effort will be made to keep the dust from traveling to other parts of your home. And the craftsmen themselves are naturally courteous and respectful at all times.

But don’t just take our word for it; see what our past clients have to say.

With The Team At Gilbert Design Build Nothing Is Left To Chance

We didn’t get where we are by chance. Winning awards and qualifying as a nationally recognized home remodeling contractor takes some careful planning and a rock-solid set of customer-centric policies.

Our Customer-Centric Policies

Core Values

Success is built on a solid core of values, or it isn’t built at all. Every member of our staff shares these core beliefs.


When every decision-maker works under the same masthead, the chance for miscommunication nearly disappears.

Fixed Prices

No hidden fees. No surprise bills. Just one bill at the beginning for the entire job, from design to the final cleanup.


We want you to enjoy your home remodeling experience. So we deliver a Pleasant, Positive, and Professional experience every time.


What we know you will know within minutes. We keep our clients updated at every step in the process.


We love a challenge. If it’s said that it can’t be done, rest assured we will find a way.

Do You Want A Say In Designing Your Custom Remodeling Project?

We Offer The Following Services For Parrish Homeowners

Most of the remodeling companies in the area concentrate on one area of your home, maybe two. Not so with us. We offer our services for any remodeling project. From a single wall to your entire home, we are here for you.

We do hold to one specialty, however – perfection. If it isn’t right, well, we probably didn’t make it. But if we did, it’ll be right before we leave. We lend our perfectionist attitudes to the following services:

Kitchen Remodeling

If you want to start from scratch, we have the plan. If you just want to reface or refinish, we’ve got that covered, too.

Bathroom Remodeling

From a simple update to creating your personal oasis, we can give you what you want.

Interior Design And Remodeling

Learn what we can do with unused space or a space that has a new purpose.

Universal Design

Your ability to move easily around your house can change over time. We are experts at making your home change to meet your new needs.

Whole-Home Remodels

Want a new house but hate the idea of moving? Work with us, and you’ll get your new home without having to uproot your life.

Small Project Services

Some projects don’t need a whole team, but they could use an expert’s guiding hand. We are there for you, from replacing a floor to tearing down a wall to open a room.

Custom Manufacturing

Not everyone likes what’s available on the market. That’s where we come in. Our custom home features are only limited by your imagination.

Are You Ready To Take Your Home To The Next Level?

If you want to add some WOW to your Parrish area home, contact us at Gilbert Design Build today to schedule a consultation.