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A remodel for your Osprey, FL, home brings many worries and stress. What happens if you end up with a room you hate? What if the remodel ends up costing double what was estimated? With the professionals at Gilbert Design Build, you can have peace of mind knowing we will finish your project on time and within budget.

We know how stressful a remodel can be and why some homeowners are apprehensive about starting a new project. However, choosing the right contractor to handle your remodel can eliminate much anxiety and stress.

Gilbert Design Build is the best choice for your Osprey, FL, home remodel to ensure you have a picture-perfect home in the end and less stress while the remodel takes place.

Our Remodeling Services 

Whether you plan on remodeling a specific room, or your entire home, Gilbert Design Build has remodeling services to fit your needs.

Kitchen Remodel 

The kitchen in your Osprey, FL, home sees a lot of use, and you need a beautiful and functional room. Our goal is to give you the kitchen of your dreams and leave you and your family with a centerpiece that will last for years.

We offer several ways to get your dream kitchen:

  • Kitchen Refinishing: We refresh the look of your kitchen by painting, staining, and resurfacing your cabinet doors and drawer fronts — while also replacing the hardware. The option is fast and cost-effective.
  • Kitchen Refacing: With this option, we will replace your cabinet doors with something more modern, replace the hardware, add storage solutions, and even replace your old countertop.
  • Kitchen Replacing: Our most extensive kitchen remodel replaces anything that doesn’t spark joy, relocating kitchen appliances, knocking out walls, laying a new floor, etc. We gut your old kitchen to give you your dream kitchen.

Bathroom Remodel 

Are you tired of your bathroom feeling as though it was made before you were alive? Our bathroom remodel is just for you! We will not only update what you have in your current bathroom and give you the bathroom of your dreams — we can also ensure this fits with any mobility issues.

Interior Design And Remodeling 

If you have an extra room or a junk room you want to be turned into something even better, our interior design and remodeling are going to do just this. With our interior designers, we can develop solutions that will ensure you get just what you want — even if you are unsure of what you want!

Universal Design 

Gilbert Design Build is all about universal design, which ensures you can effortlessly age at home without obstacles within your home. We can widen doorways, open space up, secure surfaces, and much more for you to be safe at home.

Whole Home Remodel 

Our whole home remodels just as they state — WHOLE home remodels. It is a perfect option for those who have purchased a fixer-upper but need professional help to get their home where they want it to be.

Small Projects 

Our small projects are about making improvements or even simple handyman repairs needed around your Osprey, FL, home. For example:

  • Removing walls
  • Installing new flooring
  • Replacing stairs

These small projects require more knowledge than your average person may have.

Custom Manufacturing 

During the design process, if there is something in a room that is a must-have for you, don’t fret if you cannot find the piece. We can custom manufacture built-in entertainment cases, bookshelves, and more to fit your room precisely.

Why Do People Choose Gilbert Design Build? 

There are several reasons why Osprey, FL, homeowners decide to work with Gilbert Design Build. However, the ease with which we handle the remodel has people passing our name on to family and friends.

Instead of working with separate contractors, a designer, and much more, we have all the professionals you need right under one roof. Having everyone here makes it ten times easier to figure out what you want in a remodel and implement the plan.

Our innovation speaks to many people, as we have helped some families develop something so unique it has never been done before. We always find a way, as the phrase “we can’t do it” is not in our vocabulary.

Stress comes in many forms during a remodel, and we do our best to eliminate the stress. Thanks to our open lines of communication, homeowners are always aware of what will happen and when.

In addition, we always give you a fixed price for your remodel, so the stress of hidden fees is eliminated. With over 20 years of experience, Gilbert Design Build has more than once proven why people consider us the luxury remodeling contractor in the area.

FAQ About Home Remodels 

Will There Be A Huge Mess During The Remodel?

Depending upon the remodel you have done, dusty phases will always happen. However, we are pros at ensuring we keep a tidy and clean workspace. We will lay down floor protection and erect plastic walls to keep the remodeling debris from entering other areas of your home.

In addition, once the dusty phase of your remodel is over, we use air scrubbers to ensure the dirt debris does not affect your indoor air quality.

Where Do Our Designs Come From?
We design around customers’ needs and desires, so our designs are 100% creative. You will not find our designs in magazines – they are unique every time.
How Accurate Is Our Timeline Given For Projects?
We pride ourselves on being as accurate as possible with every project timeline. Thanks to our years of experience, we are good judges of when a project will require less or more time. Plus, by communicating with you each step of the way, you will be aware if there is an issue that throws us off our timeline.

What Our Customers Are Saying 

“Everybody who participated in our bathroom remodel did an outstanding job, and the coordination of the various workmen was seamless. Our own design ideas were honored and incorporated in the overall design.”


“The work was carried out to a very high standard, and (especially important) our house was respected and kept clean throughout. The punch list was agreed upon and resolved quickly and easily. Great job – very happy.”


“Very well! I was very unsure at the beginning of the process because I’ve never had a home remodeled before. At the end, I felt calm, and assured that I got the best deal for the best quality. GDB really put in the effort to meet and exceed my needs. My kitchen looks amazing and professionally done. GDB will be the first place I call when I need to change something in my home!”

Brian P.

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