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Home Remodeling

Remodeling You Can Rely On With Gilbert Design Build

Make your Nokomis, FL, home feel like the relaxing space you deserve with a professional home remodeling project. If you feel more anxious as you arrive home because your home is not the cozy, safe place you have always imagined – it is time to make a change.

Many times, when a home is not bringing you a sense of belonging or is not offering you a feeling of sanctuary, a remodel is just what is needed to get your home to where you need it to be.

You can easily make your Nokomis, FL, home beautiful and more fitting to your idea of what your home should be with Gilbert Design Build!

Home Remodeling Services 

At Gilbert Design Build, we offer several different home remodeling services to get your home to the level of comfort you desire. After all, who wants to come home at the end of a long hard day to find their home, their safe space, is not encouraging feelings of relaxation?

Kitchen Remodeling 

If you find your kitchen is outdated or lacks the functionality you need, it might be time to remodel your kitchen.

Luckily, we offer a few different options so you can get the kitchen remodel you want for your Nokomis, FL home that also fits your budget. We provide a complete kitchen remodel that can not only change the looks of the room but also can change the way it is arranged.

If you want a way to make your kitchen look fresher, we also offer a remodeling solution that only focuses on the looks of your kitchen. With this option, we may resurface the current cabinets, change the hardware, and the like, all to improve the look and feel of your kitchen.

Bathroom Remodeling 

Whether your bathroom needs an entire facelift with a new shower, flooring, or vanities, or you want to make it more accessible – we can make it happen! Our bathroom remodeling is a way for you to get the relaxing oasis you have always wanted in a bathroom.

Interior Design And Remodeling 

Do you have an area of your home that no one uses? Maybe you have never had the time to turn this room into your dream space. In these cases, our interior design and remodeling will help you to make the most of the area.

In addition, we can help you update the looks of any room in your home that may need a little spruce to make it more comfortable or even bring it into today’s design world!

Universal Design 

Aging at home is all about staying at home comfortably and safely. As CAPS-certified experts, we can make any home more accessible while also ensuring the look and style of the house are not affected.

Suppose you are a Nokomis, FL homeowner getting to the age that mobility is a concern. In that case, our universal design services could benefit you to ensure any remodel will grow with you.

Whole Home Remodeling 

Our complete home remodeling service is excellent for those who want to change up their entire home. Whether this is due to buying a fixer-upper or maybe your home has not been updated in twenty or more years, we will bring your house into today’s time with a modern design!

Small Projects 

If you have a few small projects around your home but still something you are not willing to handle, we can also address these smaller projects. For example, maybe your staircase needs a little TLC – we are the professionals to handle the task.

Custom Manufacturing 

Have you always envisioned having a built-in feature in your den? Or maybe you want a fireplace that takes up the entire wall? These are the types of custom manufacturing we can offer. Just because you cannot find a piece in existence doesn’t mean you have to give up, as we can build you something from scratch.

Why Do People Turn To Us? 

Those who live in the Nokomis, FL, area turn to us because we are the professionals who are here for you, listen to your ideas and have the experience to make an idea come to life — often better than what you have ever imagined.

With over twenty years of experience, Gilbert Design Build prides itself on creating the perfect design process to ensure a smooth and successful remodel. You will also discover that everything we do is in-house — your home remodel is completed by our crews only.

We also offer fixed prices, which are hard to come by in remodeling. Once we have met with you and discussed what you need, we will give you a total for the project, and the price is what you will pay. No hidden costs make it easier to afford the remodel you have always dreamed of!

FAQ About Home Remodeling Services 

How Do We Keep Your Home Clean While Remodeling?

All of our workers know the importance of a tidy workspace. We take all the precautions we can to ensure the mess of a remodel does not interfere with your daily life. We use air scrubbers when dealing with a ton of dust, lay down flooring protection, and much more.

Do We Hire Just Anyone To Work For Us?

No! Those we hire are the best of the best, and we know they can meet our high standards of craftsmanship.

What Our Customers Are Saying 

“Wow!!!! What an amazing experience we had with Gilbert Design and Build. Honestly I had no idea how much was involved with a kitchen remodel but fortunately for me they did. The best part for me was we were able to totally trust them to take care of everything. Even things that were outside their scope of work they handled and would not allow us to pay them for the additional work. From the design process to the final county inspection they were amazing. If you are looking for a company that is going to exceed your expectations beyond what you could imagine then this is the right company for you!”

Mark M.

“Everything was completed to our satisfaction. Small items needing adjustments were immediately addressed without any debate. The project management, the tradesmen, and the subcontractors were all a credit to the excellent experience of dealing with Gilbert Design and Build.”

Ulf A.

“Excellent service, communication, and workmanship. They completely remodeled both of my bathrooms, and they turned out beautiful. Their staff is great.”

Karen C.

Get Your Nokomis, FL Design Consultation Today 

If you are ready to update your Nokomis, FL home, it is time to contact us or call us at 941-757-3395 for a design consultation to see what your home could be!