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Stunning Custom Home Remodeling Results
For Longboat Key Homeowners

Enjoy A Zero Hassle Process With Unbelievably Gorgeous Designs

Longboat Key has a long history as a vacation spot and has beauty everywhere you look. Our architecture takes advantage of this gorgeous setting, too, but that doesn’t mean our interiors couldn’t do with a little remodeling. Maybe the kitchen needs better flow, or that extra room could become a home theater?

We know how to make your vision come to life. Gilbert Design Build is an award-winning home remodeling business with over 20 years of experience in the field. We have a long track record of delighted clients, each with their own unique home remodels. If you can think of it, we can make it happen.

Finding The Right Home Remodeling Company Can Be Daunting

Picking a remodeling company for your Longboat Key home is a lot like a marriage. No matter how certain you are, it’s still a leap of faith that you can’t take back. That’s why we recommend that you do your research before you make your choice.

Check their online reviews, verify that they are licensed and insured, and make sure they’ve been in business for at least five years. Five years is the average lifespan of a contracting business, so they probably know what they are doing if they made it past that point.

At Gilbert Design Build, we feature our client reviews, have all the certifications, licenses, and insurance needed to do our job, and have been in the home remodeling industry for 20 years.

Looking For A Custom Home Remodeling Company That Listens?

Few things are more frustrating than not being heard. That will never happen with us. Our entire design-build process is built around clear and consistent communication with our clients.

During the design phase, your input is vital to getting the proper plan in place.

The first thing we do is to ask you a lot of questions and spend our time really listening to your answers. We do this to ensure that we know what you want, why you want it, and how you plan to use the new space. We want to build you a space that is not only beautiful but one that flows properly and is comfortable to use.

We couldn’t achieve that goal without listening to you. When you hire us to remodel your home, you become the most important part of the design team. After all, who knows what you need better than you?

With Gilbert Design Build There Is Nothing Hidden

From the very beginning, our process is geared towards transparency. We give you the total cost of your project upfront, and once the agreement is signed, that quote is locked. You know exactly what you will be getting and precisely how much it costs before the first order gets made.

As we gather your chosen products and materials, we keep you updated at all times. During the build, you’ll know about any issues that crop up almost as soon as we do. We pride ourselves on offering the best customer service you’ll find at any level, much less from a home remodeling company.

Our Customer-Centric Policies

Core Values

Knowing who you are is the pathway to success. That’s why we’ve written it down, lest any of us forget.


No homeowner likes juggling the phone numbers for five different contacts for their one remodeling project. With us, you only need the one number because we take responsibility for every person who touches your project.

Fixed Prices

What you are quoted is what you pay. There will be no surprise bills halfway through and no hidden fees. We lay it all out, down to the last nail, before you sign an agreement.


We love to enrich our client’s lives with the work we do. And part of that is giving you Pleasant, Positive, and Professional experience from start to finish.


We’ve had clients beg us to slow down on the updates, so it’s safe to say you will never be left wondering what is going on.


Don’t tell us it can’t be done. We always find a way. And if what you want doesn’t exist, we just build it ourselves.

Do You Want A Say In Designing Your Custom Remodeling Project?

We Offer The Following Services To Longboat Key Homeowners

Most of the remodeling companies in the area concentrate on one area of your home, maybe two. Not so with us. We offer our services for any remodeling project. From a single wall to your entire home, we are here for you.

We do hold to one specialty, however – perfection. If it isn’t right, well, we probably didn’t make it. But if we did, it’ll be right before we leave. We lend our perfectionist attitudes to the following services:

Kitchen Remodeling

We don’t just make it pretty; we make it work. We take your old tired kitchen and turn it into a bright modern workspace with perfect flow.

Bathroom Remodeling

Your bathroom should be comforting, not challenging. We make everything more accessible while turning bland into beautiful.

Interior Design And Remodeling

We are known for our custom media centers and home theaters, but we also know how to create one heck of a bar and lounge area.

Universal Design

Losing your full mobility is devastating enough without having to turn your home inside out, too. We have perfected the art of adapting your home to your needs while maintaining its style and beauty.

Whole-Home Remodels

Sometimes, your house no longer fits your reality, but you hate to leave your neighborhood. That’s where we come in. We give you a house that reflects your lifestyle without having to change your address.

Small Project Services

Some projects don’t need a team of experts but are still beyond the skills of your average handyman. That’s why we offer our services for smaller projects like installing a floor or opening a space by removing a wall.

Custom Manufacturing

Sometimes, we encounter a client need that has no answer in the available products. When that happens, we just build it ourselves.

Are You Ready To Remodel Your Longboat Key Home?

If you plan to remodel your Longboat Key home, contact us at Gilbert Design Build today to schedule a consultation.