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The Premier Custom Home Remodeler
For Bradenton, FL Homeowners

Stunning Results With Zero Hassle

In Bradenton, FL, we know art, and we know style. That’s why we demand the best when we remodel our homes. There aren’t many custom home remodelers like Gilbert Design Build in the nation, much less locally. They offer truly unique custom remodeling services for your entire home and are positively obsessed with getting every last detail correct.

Picking The Right Custom Remodeling Company
Can Be Scary

Deciding to remodel your Bradenton home is a leap of faith, and deciding who to trust to bring your vision into reality can be difficult. That is, right up until you talk to us at Gilbert Design Build. We make it easy to pick us with our zero pressure consultations and zero hassle build process.

We take the time to learn your needs, desires, and budget before we begin proposing ideas. After all, this is your idea; we’re just the means you use to make it happen. We have over 20 years of experience to draw upon when helping you develop your design ideas, and we live to overcome challenges.

Just tell us what you want, and we’ll find a way to get it done with style, grace, and beauty.

Looking For A Bradenton Design-Build Company That Leaves Nothing To Chance?

One of the biggest problems with any home remodeling project is poor communication. We’ve found a way to avoid that problem by taking total responsibility for every aspect of your remodel, from the first day to the last. Everyone who touches your project is answerable to one person, your project manager. That way, nothing falls into the cracks.

Every step of your custom remodel is checked and re-checked before we move on to the next. And we never assume you know where your project stands. Instead, we keep you informed with regular updates at every stage and tell you of changes as soon as they come up.

Our process is designed to make your remodeling experience as Pleasant, Positive, and Professional as possible.

With Gilbert Design Build You Have The Final Say In Everything We Do

When we sit down with you to discuss your design, you are in control. We will ask lots of questions and do a ton of listening as we learn exactly what you want, why you want it, and how you plan to use the space when it’s finished.

There’s nothing worse than creating a beautiful space that you can’t use, so we are careful to learn as much as we can about your home. And, as we go through the steps, we hold what we do up to your expectations and our own core values.

Our Customer-Centric Policies

Core Values

Success only happens when you know who you are and want to be. That’s twice as true for a successful business.


We’ve gathered some of the best experts in the design-build industry and brought them all under our masthead.

Fixed Prices

Surprises are great on your birthday, not so great during a remodel. We give you an all-inclusive quote covering every step of your remodel before we order a thing.


Custom home remodels don’t need to be stressful. In fact, it’s our goal to give every client a Pleasant, Positive, and Professional experience from the first day to the last.


Few things are more frustrating than waiting for something to happen. We ensure that you know what is going on with your remodeling project at all times.


We are always ready to bring new technology into our builds. And when you want something that doesn’t exist, we’ll build it ourselves.

Do You Want A Say In Designing Your Custom Remodeling Project?

We Offer The Following Services For Bradenton Homeowners

Most of the remodeling companies in the area concentrate on one area of your home, maybe two. Not so with us. We offer our services for any remodeling project. From a single wall to your entire home, we are here for you.

We do hold to one specialty, however – perfection. If it isn’t right, well, we probably didn’t make it. But if we did, it’ll be right before we leave. We lend our perfectionist attitudes to the following services:

Kitchen Remodeling

We aren’t in the business of just slapping a new look on an old kitchen. We completely reimagine the space to give it a modern flow and suit your needs to perfection.

Bathroom Remodeling

Mobility issues or simply dated design can turn your bathroom into an obstacle course. We know just how to turn your bathroom back into your sanctuary.

Interior Design And Remodeling

We specialize in custom media centers and home theaters. Set us loose on your extra room, and you’ll soon be entertaining your friends with style.

Universal Design

Knowing how to make your home safe for aging in place is one thing; doing it without ruining the look of your home is quite another. We are masters at making your home work with your new level of mobility while retaining its beauty.

Whole-Home Remodels

Tired of your home’s look and layout but hate the idea of moving? We can give you that new home without making you change your address.

Small Project Services

Sometimes, you only need a little bit of help but want more expertise than a handyman can offer. That’s where we come in. From installing a new floor to changing out a vanity, we’ve got you covered.

Custom Manufacturing

In our 20 years, we’ve found that not every client request can be answered by readily available products. So we started building the features we needed ourselves.

Are You Ready To Take Your Home To The Next Level?

If so, contact Gilbert Design Build today to get started on realizing your dreams. Set up a consultation or visit our Greater Sarasota showroom to see what is possible.