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A Beautiful And Stress-Free Anna Maria, FL,
Bathroom Remodel Is Just What Your Home Needs

Upgrade Your Drab Bathroom With The
Professionals At Gilbert Design Build

Does your Anna Maria, FL, bathroom help you melt the day’s stress away? Does it give you a slice of serenity? If not, consider a bathroom remodel from the local professionals at Gilbert Design Build.

Your needs change, design trends shift, and your once-perfect bathroom no longer reflects your style. But, with a bit of help from the right contractor and some creativity, you can have the bathroom of your dreams.

Gilbert Design Build will work with you to create a personalized design that suits your needs and budget. We will also provide professional guidance and support every step of the way, from start to finish.

With our team on your side, you can turn your lackluster space into a spa-like experience that you’ll be delighted to use day after day.

Gilbert Design Build Bathroom Services 

Our bathroom remodeling packages provide a complete and comprehensive solution. Together with our experts, you can create a custom design that fits your dream vision, adds functionality to your room, and helps you relieve stress after a long day.

So, what can Gilbert Design Build do for your bathroom remodel? Although it might be easier to tell you what we can’t do, here are a few of our most popular solutions:

  • Installing specialty tubs or showers for those who need better access
  • Ripping out old flooring to replace it with water-resistant flooring
  • Updating the vanity either through replacement or refacing
  • Adding in more lighting if needed
  • Using an intelligent design throughout the bathroom to allow for a more modern bathroom without losing its functionality

No matter its current state, we are ready to turn your bathroom into the bathroom you’ve always wanted. If you can think it, our team of master craftspeople and designers can make it happen!

Why Do People Choose Gilbert Design Build For Their
Bathroom Remodeling Projects?

While there are several reasons why so many people turn to Gilbert Design Build for their bathroom remodels, the main reason is – we do it all. When we handle a bathroom remodel, we have the architect, the designer, the construction crew, and everyone else you need on our staff. Thus, you know that when you hire us, you are hiring our team.

A big part of our process is the planning period in which we design the remodel of your dreams. Clear communication is one of the most valuable things we offer our customers. You will have someone you are in contact with throughout the entire bathroom remodel process who will answer your questions and update you on the whole bathroom remodel.

Of course, many people often talk about our warm and welcoming staff, which is always lovely to hear. We put our customers first and expect every employee to treat them respectfully and kindly. We know many of our customers, and we see them in the grocery store or at events, so we treat them as we want to be treated!

FAQs About Bathroom Remodels 

Does A Bathroom Remodel Help A Home Sell Faster?

Believe it or not, the bathroom of an Anna Maria, FL, home is a huge selling feature for many buyers. If the bathroom is outdated, it could be why a potential buyer walks away.

If you are trying to remodel your bathroom with the intent of selling your home, be sure to let us know, and we can offer some guidance on the best-selling features of bathrooms so you can design your remodel around these ideas.

Can You Design A Bathroom For Wheelchair Accessibility?

Yes, we can. The owner of Gilbert Design Build is a certified aging-in-place specialist, ensuring that specific guidelines are followed to allow a person with any mobility issue to stay at home longer. With the CAPS certification and our design style, you can quickly get a bathroom remodel that is all about mobility but is still beautiful.

Will There Be A Lot Of Mess From A Bathroom Remodel?

If you were to walk into your bathroom during the middle of the remodel, you might see dust and debris. However, our workers know that we want a tidy workspace, so they clean this up before going home for the night. Once we are done with your remodel, we will clean up any mess so you can see the natural beauty of your new bathroom.

Do You Have Bathroom Remodels You Can Show Me?

Absolutely, be sure to check out our bathroom remodel portfolio to see some of our past bathroom remodel projects. Remember, every design we do is unique, as they are catered to what you want and need. Our portfolio is meant to give you an idea of our stellar work and how great our designers are at coming up with something beautiful for you.

What Our Customers Are Saying 

“The process from beginning to end was exceptional. Design work by Fernando was right on point and Justin Rector did an outstanding job managing the project. He was the person I depended on the most to keep the project going and to keep me informed. I enjoyed working with him immensely. Jesse and Victor were exceptional in carpentry and build. Even the subcontractors used were outstanding and their work was high quality. Of particular note was the tile/floor installer Marcello. He is a true craftsman. The project went smoothly and the disruption in the house was kept to a minimum. I would recommend the company if you are seeking a stress-free beginning-to-end design/build company that provides a beautiful high quality end product.”

Pamela S.

“I am more than thrilled and overwhelmed with your overall renovation of my 2 bathrooms and all my floors. From the very beginning with the design crew and through it all with carpenters, tile installers, etc., and then the completion, I couldn’t be more pleased. You create, you listen, and you complete with award-winning design. My thanks to everyone at Gilbert for making me the happiest customer!”

Marl D.

Get A Design Consultation Today For Your
Anna Maria, FL, Bathroom

If you are ready to get started with a bathroom remodeling project for your Anna Maria, FL, home, choose the local professionals at Gilbert Design Build. Our unique “under one roof” approach to renovations helps give you a stress-free process, leaving you completely satisfied.

Contact us or call us today at 941-757-3395 for a design consultation.