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Does your Anna Maria Island, FL, kitchen spark joy? If not, it may be time to upgrade with a professional kitchen remodel from Gilbert Design Build. The kitchen is the heart of your home, so it should be a place where you love spending time. Gilbert Design Build can help turn your kitchen dreams into reality with our high-quality remodeling services.

When you spend as much time in a room as you do in your kitchen, the space must be beautiful and functional. Some homeowners think a simple DIY facelift will do the trick, but a professional kitchen remodel from Gilbert Design Build is worth the investment.

We will work with you to create a gorgeous and well-planned space while staying within your budget. A kitchen renovation is a big project, but the process will be seamless with our team of experts.

Gilbert Design Build is here for your Anna Maria Island, FL, kitchen remodel, with various services to fit your needs.

Our Kitchen Remodel Services 

We offer several packages of kitchen remodels so that you can get the look you want and meet your budget for your remodel.

Kitchen Refinishing 

Our kitchen refinishing package is about changing what is visible when you walk into the kitchen. With a kitchen refinishing, we won’t replace your cabinets or drawers – we’ll only change how they look through staining, painting, or even putting on a new veneer.

We can then replace the hardware to match your new updated look. Anna Maria Island, FL, homeowners are always surprised by what a little color and a new set of handles can do to the look and feel of their kitchen.

Kitchen refinishings are fast, efficient, and economical – so no matter your budget, you can make the space feel like new.

Kitchen Refacing 

With kitchen refacing, we update the visuals, and we replace your cabinet and drawer doors. Each face can be replaced with a new veneer.

We swap out your hardware and hinges to match the new look. We also offer you the option to replace your countertop to match the new cabinet and drawer look. No matter what style you are going for in your new kitchen, our team can help. During this time, we can install storage solutions like lazy-susans if you want to improve your kitchen organization.

Kitchen refacing is an excellent middle ground for homeowners who want an updated space but don’t want to spend the money on all-new cabinetry.

Kitchen Replacing 

Kitchen replacement is the ultimate kitchen remodel in which we can change everything to give you an entirely new look. We not only install new cabinets, countertops, and new flooring – but we can relocate your appliances for a better feel to the room.

Anything is possible with our kitchen replacement package. It is perfect for those who want to gut their entire kitchen and start over!

Why Do People Choose Us? 

At Gilbert Design Build, we are the one-stop shop for all kitchen remodeling needs. Why would you work with five or more different people to accomplish your kitchen remodel when you only have to work with one?

The main reason that so many people turn to us is that we can make the remodeling process much easier. Whether you do a kitchen refinish or a complete remodel, you will only ever deal with our team.

Work with us, and we’ll bring the designer, plumber, electrician, and craftsman you need to complete your project successfully.

Our entire business is based on the principles of designing the best kitchens and building everything in-house. It makes our clients less stressed, and the process takes less time than traditional remodels. This efficient and effective process is why many of our past customers have recommended us to family and friends.

In addition, you will have a fixed price delivered once the project has been designed, so you know just what to expect. Imagine a remodel without a massive surprise at the end. It seems almost unheard of, but we can do it!

What Is The Length Of Time It Takes To Complete A Kitchen Remodel?

There is no clear answer to this question, as it depends on what type of kitchen remodel you want to be done. A refinishing project may take a day or two, while a replacement project could take several weeks or months to complete. We can give you a timeline of what to expect upon looking at your project and seeing what we need to do.

Do We Have A Portfolio You Can View?

Yes, we do offer an online portfolio of our past kitchen remodels you can view. Remember, when we design a kitchen remodel, it is custom to meet your needs. Therefore, your remodel will not be a replica, but you can find some inspiration for what you may want in your kitchen.

Can We Assist With Kitchen Appliance Options?

You bet we can! We can help you decide on what you may want, the finish, and the budget you want to set for these items. Our professional assistance is a massive part of the design process, and we will be with you every step of the way.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“The owner even went so far as to give me some leftover tile from a previous job so I could create a back-splash that originally did not fit within my budget. I love my kitchen! Thank you, Gilbert Design Build, for making my dream come true.”


“The work was carried out to a very high standard, and (especially important) our house was respected and kept clean throughout. The punch list was agreed upon and resolved quickly and easily. Great job – very happy.”


“Our kitchen renovation is beautiful and admired by all who have seen it. The design ideas are a bit different and innovative despite no layout changes. Totally updated, and the workmanship was excellent. Professional staff.”

Maryfan S.

“My husband and I hired Gilbert Design Build to renovate our kitchen, and we couldn’t be more pleased! The service and attention to detail exceeded our expectations. We have a beautiful kitchen, and our experience with the Gilbert Team was great! We would highly recommend their company.”

Julia M.

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