Program Operations

Kristen Nichols – CEO

Kristen came to us as a Business Development Consultant. When her advice and Ernest’s vision created a company needing more top-level management personnel, Kristen was thrilled to join our team officially. Her business development, leadership training, and business launching acumen are so strong that her advice has helped businesses grow around the globe. When she’s not teaching the world how to run a business properly, she enjoys boating, sailing, cycling, and volunteering in wildlife rescue and rehabilitation. One of her personal goals is to complete a fitness challenge, while a professional goal is to write a marketable leadership keynote message. If that’s not enough, she once cycled through Europe for three months earning distance/hour awards.


Jeffrey Wiscomb – Lead Designer/Director of Program Operations

A former co-owner of a remodeling company in Seattle, Jeffrey moved to Greater Sarasota a little over two years ago and joined our design team. His dedication to his craft and leadership skills made him a natural fit as our management needs grew with our business. His knowledge and talent at designing and building custom cabinetry help us keep our promise to make your dreams a reality. When he isn’t dreaming up new designs and inventing solutions, Jeffrey works as a professional photographer.


Rose Burns – Administrative Operations Manager

Rose came to the Greater Sarasota area after she and her husband retired from owning a printing business in Pennsylvania. Lucky for us, she came down just as we were searching for an office manager, and we snatched her up before anyone else had a chance to hire her. Her phenomenal organizational and communication skills were an immediate asset to our company, and Rose was leaping up the ladder in no time. When she isn’t busy making this place run like a swiss watch, she enjoys working her own magic with her camera.


Christa Garriott – Controller.

Christa came to us years ago to act as our bookkeeper, where her organizational skills and attention to detail shined. When our previous Controller moved to a new role within our company, we knew exactly where to find a replacement. Christa has been our Controller ever since and has never failed to impress us with her dedication to her position and our core values. Her free time is devoted to her family.


Ernest Gilbert – Owner/Contractor/CAPS

Ernest has been in the contracting business most of his life and a Florida licensed contractor since 2004. While he’s always loved working with his hands, Ernest didn’t always like the environment he had to deal with day in and day out. He wanted a friendlier and more positive interaction between contractors and clients. So, he started his own company and shaped it into what he thought was the right way to do things. He’s been creating pleasant, positive, and professional relationships with his clients ever since, and neither the Great Recession nor the recent pandemic has been able to stop him from enriching the lives of his workers, his clients, or his family. He dedicates his off time to his family and their many charitable efforts.


Brandon Johnson- Director of Operations

Brandon started with us many years ago as our Production Manager and is proof that it is always best to promote from within. He also seems to have a thing for collecting certifications. He is a Florida-certified contractor, home inspector, and realtor and is now working on becoming a certified flight instructor. The last is no surprise considering his distinguished career in the United States Air Force, a military tradition that his son has taken on as well. He believes that our time in this world is precious and tries to use it as productively as possible. That might explain how he’s found the time to spend the last 18 years as a winemaker while doing all those other things and his family to boot. This is where we’d mention what he does with his off time, but we don’t think he knows what that means.

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